5 Advantages You Should Know of Being a Canadian Citizen!

Canada is a dream destination for those who aspire to enjoy a better quality of life. The country offers vast opportunities for immigrants, especially skilled workers. They can obtain permanent residence status, which comes with a number of benefits including free education for children and health care, employment insurance etc. After a few years, they can apply for Canadian citizenship, which brings with it a lot more benefits other than what they enjoyed as a permanent resident.

Here are five important advantages you have as a Canadian citizen:

More career options:

Permanent residents cannot apply for certain jobs that require high-security clearance. These include federal government jobs, which are stable and well-paid jobs with lots of other benefits. Canadian citizens have no restrictions to apply for these jobs, while you cannot apply for these jobs as permanent resident.

You can live anywhere:

Once you become a Canadian citizen, your citizenship will not be lost even if you stay outside Canada for a long period. This is different from permanent residency because you will have to fulfill certain requirements to remain permanent residence in Canada, including staying in Canada for a certain number of days. You also have to renew your permanent residence status regularly. But when you become a citizen, you only need to renew your passport once in 5-10 years. You can also hold dual citizenship while being a Canadian citizen.

You become part of nation-building:

Canada is a parliamentary democracy. Canadian citizenship comes with the right to vote. Every Canadian citizen about the age of 18 can cast their vote at the municipal, provincial and federal elections. Moreover, you can even run for office as a Canadian citizen!

Travel visa-free:

Canadian citizens can travel to around 150 countries without visa or get one upon arrival. France, United Kingdom, and Germany are a few of such countries. Canada has more than 270 diplomatic and consular offices spread across around 180 countries. These offices offer assistance to Canadian citizens while they are abroad.

Your children become Canadian citizens:

When you are a Canadian citizen, your children automatically become Canadian citizens as well, irrespective of whether they were born inside Canada or not. They need not have to go through the application process for citizenship that you went through.

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