Australia Child Permanent Visa (subclass 101)

Australia Child Visa (Subclass 101):

The Australian Government is much concerned about family reunions and the togetherness of a family. The diverse family visa options are a result of the effort made by the government to reunite families, and Australia Child Permanent Visa is one among the many visas that allow family members to migrate and settle in Australia.

What is An Australia Child Visa?

Australia Child Permanent Visa grants the opportunity for a child who lives outside Australia to migrate and come live with their parents. Australia Child Visa is a permanent visa.

Eligibility for Australia Child Visa:-

For a child to be eligible for Australia Child Visa, he/she should meet the following visa requirements.

  1. The child should be sponsored by his/her parent.
  2. The child should remain single.
  3. The child should be aged below 18 years or he/she should be a full -time student aged between 18 & 25 or 18 & above and is unable to work (disabled and is completely dependent on the parent who is sponsoring).
  4. The parent who is sponsoring the child to migrate to Australia through Australia child visa should be a citizen of Australia or a permanent resident of Australia or should be an eligible New Zealand Citizen.
  5. The child should be the biological or the adopted child of the parent who is sponsoring.
  6. The child can also be a step-child and the sponsoring parent has a legal responsibility for the child.
  7. The child should be interested to migrate and live with his/her parents. If not, the visa will be denied. No actions will be taken against the interests of the child.
  8. A child who has crossed 16 years of age should meet certain character requirements. A police certificate should be provided stating that they have lived in the particular country for the past 12 months during the last 10 years.
  9. The child must have no debts to the government of Australia. If there is any, proper arrangements should have been made to repay the same.

A child who has migrated through Australia Children Visa will be eligible to do the below-listed activities:

  1. The child can travel & stay in Australia an infinite number of times.
  2. The child will be eligible to work & study in Australia.
  3. The child can enroll him/herself in Australia’s healthcare benefits.
  4. The child can apply for Australian citizenship provided he/she is eligible.

Steps to Obtain an Australia Child Visa:-

  1. Preparing the Documents: The applicant should prepare & provide documents in order to support his/her visa application. The visa processing will be done based on the information provided by the applicant. The applicant should include documents relating to him/her, the sponsor and other necessary documents.
  2. Applying for the Visa: Either the child or the child’s sponsor should complete the necessary forms and the payment can be made through the online portal provided all the documents are relevant.
  3. After You Apply: –

Once the initial processes are complete, the applicant needs to wait until his/her application is acknowledged. No arrangements should be made for the child to travel until a written proof is obtained stating that the visa has been granted.

  1. The Final Decision: –

If the applicant’s visa is granted he/she will know further details like visa grant number, conditions if any attached to the visa. If the visa is not granted, the applicant will be informed as to why the visa was denied & more.

Other Important Information You Should Know About Australia Children Visa:-

  1. A Child’s Visa cost somewhere around AUD 2415.
  2. Additional costs will be incurred for applicant charges.
  3. The applicant has to pay other costs for health assessments, police certificates, etc.,
  4. The processing time for an Australia Child Visa will be somewhere between 10 to 17 months.

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