Migrate to Australia: PR Point Calculator

Australia is the most sought destination for skilled labor force. The immigration process of Australian government is crafted in a way that it targets migrants who possess outstanding skills and technical abilities which will contribute to the Australian economy and aids in growing the same. The eligibility criteria for skilled workers to migrate to Australia is determined by the SkillSelect system. A SkillSelect system is point-based under which applicants are awarded points for criteria ranging from age to work experience. Applicants are required to score a minimum of 60 points for them to get a visa

The below grids give you the detailed breakdown of points awarded under various criteria under Australia PR Point Calculator System.



English Language Requirements (IELTS/OET)

Competent English (IELTS 6/OET C)
Adept English (IELTS 7/OET B)
Superior English (IELTS 8/OET A)

Work experience


At least 3 but less than 5 years (of past 10 years)
At least 5 but less than 8 years (of past 10 years)
At least 8 years and up to 10 years

In Australia

At least 1 but less than 3 years (of past 10 years)
At least 3 but less than 5 years (of past 10 years)
At least 5 but less than 8 years (of past 10 years)
At least 8 years and up to 10 years


Doctorate degree from any Australian educational institution or any other equivalent to it.
At least a bachelor’s degree inclusive of Masters/honors form an Australian university or any other equivalent to it.
Diploma and trade qualification completed in Australia or qualification or an award of recognized standards.
Australian diploma and trade qualification awarded by Australian educational institution and meet Australian study requirements

Other Factors

Credential community language qualifications
Study in regional Australia or Urban Area (excluding distance education)
Partner skill qualifications
Professional year completion for a period of minimum 12 months in four years

Sponsorships and Nominations

State or territory government (only visa subclass 190)
Nomination by a state or Territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member (only visa subclass 489)

Other Essential Information

The following are the visa sub classes and the required points to be scored under each category

Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)
Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 190)
Skilled – Regional Sponsored (subclass 489)

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