Australian Migration Assessment


  • Applicants who wish to migrate to Australia must undergo skills assessment prior to their migration. This is based on the immigration point system which is determined by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
  • The point system assesses you based on your skills, ability and other factors and awards you points as per the point calculator.
  • Make sure to get your skills assessed by a relevant authority before submitting your expression of interest in the SkillSelect system.

Requirements for skill assessment?

  • You must first nominate an occupation that is on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations.
  • Provide proof that your skills have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority and are suitable for your nominated occupation.
  • The assessing authority undertakes diverse types of skills assessments which is determined by the assessing authority in accordance with relevant professional standards.
  • Unlike a full or permanent skills assessment, a subclass 485 skills assessment does not require the employment in the applicant’s occupation.
  • Doctors must provide full registration which is a suitable skills assessment for points tested skills.
  • Solicitors must provide an evidence of admission to practice as a lawyer in the pertinent state/territory for a suitable skills assessment.

Skills Assessment is Done By?

  • An eligible skilled occupations list provides pertinent assessing authority for each occupation included in the list.
  • You are responsible to contact the relevant assessing authority for your chosen occupation and obtain a skills assessment.
  • Each assessing authority has their own criteria, time frames and charges.
  • It is advised that you must contact the relevant assessing authority and arrange your skills assessment well in advance before you intend to submit your expression of interest in SkillSelect.

How can I get my skills assessed?

  • Assessing bodies mostly require that you possess a post-secondary qualification such as university or trade, to achieve a positive result for your assessment.
  • For few occupations substantial relevant work experience may be acceptable.
  • Each assessing authority will advise you regarding the qualification requirements for the various qualifications they assess.

Can assessing authority find me a job?

  • Assessing authorities are designated for undertaking skills assessment for migration purposes and are not recruitment agencies.
  • The skills assessment authorities will not revert to the job placement requests and cannot advice on the likely success of your visa application.

What if I submit more than One Skill Assessment?

  • You can choose only occupation when you apply for points tested skilled immigration.
  • However, you can apply for any number of skills assessing authorities till you obtain a suitable skills assessment prior to submitting the expression of interest.
  • Note that you will be unable to change your chosen occupation once you are invited fora Points Tested Skilled Migration visa in SkillSelect.

Evidence attachment

  • You must provide a scanned copy of your certificate of suitable skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation once you have been invited to apply and have lodged a valid visa application