What are the documents that need to be verified for Canada Immigration?

In order to apply for permanent residence in Canada, you need to submit quite a number of documents. It is always ideal to keep a document checklist, as any missing information may lead to your application being rejected and you will have to do the whole application process all over again. Some of these documents need to be verified by the concerned authorities in order to be accepted by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) along with the application for Canada PR. As these are all a bit complicated and time-consuming, entrusting these tasks to professionals will help you avoid stress and save a lot of time and energy.

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Now, here is a list of documents that need to be verified before submitting them to the IRCC, along with the application for permanent residence.

  1. Police clearance

Your application for permanent residence in Canada will be rejected if you have a criminal record. In order to prove that you do not have any criminal background, you need to obtain a police clearance certificate. As obtaining a police clearance certificate is a time-consuming process, you may apply for the same as soon as you start the application process for immigration.

If you, or any of your family members, have stayed in another country for more than six months in the past 10 years, you need to get a police clearance certificate from that country as well. However, those below the age of 18 do not need a police clearance certificate.

You need to remember that police clearance certificates should not be older than six months and should not be expired at the time of submission. However, you can submit an expired police clearance certificate from another country where you have lived, provided the certificate was issued after you departed from that country.

Medical clearance

In order to be eligible for Canada immigration, you need to submit the results of medical examinations issued by a panel physician. A panel physician is a doctor authorized by the IRCC to perform medical examinations for the purpose of immigration. Sometimes, the physician may send the results directly to the Canada immigration center or they will be handed over to you.

Proof of funds

You need to submit proof of funds along with the application for permanent residence in Canada. It is to prove that you have enough money to settle in Canada and financially support your family members during the first few months after arriving in the country. As proof, you may submit official letters from banks or financial institutions. If you have a valid job offer and has obtained a temporary foreign work permit(TFWP),you need not submit proof of funds.

In all other circumstances, you need to prove to the IRCC that you have enough settlement funds. Below is a table of minimum amount required for each person while moving to Canada, based on the number of dependent family members:

Settlement Funds
Number of Family Members Minimum Amount Required
1 $12,960
2 $16,135
3 $19,836
4 $24,083
5 $27,315
6 $30,806
7 $34,299
additional family members $3,492

Educational credential assessment

Education Credential Assessment (ECA) has to be done for your high school certificate, post-secondary certificates, diplomas and/or degrees. Education Credential Assessment (ECA) means evaluation of your educational qualifications by an authorized independent third party to prove that your qualifications are equal to Canadian education qualifications of the same level. Following is a list of organizations/bodies designated by the IRCC to do ECA:

  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • World Education Services
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • International Credential Evaluation Service
  • Medical Council of Canada (professional body for doctors)
  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (professional body for pharmacists)

Language test

In order to be eligible to obtain permanent residence status in Canada, you need to prove that you have certain proficiency in English or French, the two official languages of Canada. In order to prove this, you need to take a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) test in one of the approved centres in the country where you currently reside. The acceptable language tests are as follows:

  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program(CELPIP)
  • International English Language Testing System(IELTS)
  • Test d’évaluation de français(TEF Canada)
  • Test de connaissance du français(TCF Canada)

You need to remember that the test results should not be older than two years at the time of applying.

Need help?

The documentation part of the immigration process can be draining and even deterring for you. With the support of experienced Canada immigration consultants, you will be able to submit all your documents without any hassle, improve your chances of success as well as receive advice on the most suitable Canada immigration programs. For assistance with regard to Canada immigration, you may approach CanApprove immigration consultancy, which has over two decades of experience in offering result-oriented support for Canada immigration. For more information, contact us now!


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