Go green! Green and Sustainable Architecture courses are offered in Canada.

Canada is providing different courses for the education of international students, taking immense pleasure in improving the lives of its students and making them successful.

Now it’s the chance for Green Architects. If you are very keen about designing Green Architectures and constructing eco-friendly buildings, then go for it.

This blog is for you!

Green Architecture

Green Architecture (also called as Green Design), is an effective approach to make buildings. It was designed in order to reduce the harmful effects of construction projects over the health of human beings and the environment.

The person implementing a green design in construction is called a Green Architect and he/she chooses an eco-friendly way of construction practices to buildings in order to safeguard water, air and earth itself.

Green building is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient right from the design throughout the lifecycle. It possesses close cooperation in all the project stages by contractor, architect, engineers and clients.

Green building has classic building designs concerned with economy, utility, durability and comfort.

Moto of Green Building

Green Building aims at reducing the negative impacts of building constructions on the environment. It doesn’t promote sprawls and it concentrates on constructing eco-friendly buildings.

Green Building, as the name implies, is constructed using plants and trees with green roofs and rain gardens. It also focuses on reducing rainwater runoff.

Green building promotes the use of renewable sources like photovoltaic equipment (Passive and Active Solar Equipment).

These are implemented to reduce the negative impact of the construction of buildings on human health and the environment.

Course Description

Green Architecture (Sustainable Architecture) is considered to be the result of emergence for the global pressure on the natural resources and environment. In this field, students learn about designing, building, technology and construction of eco-friendly and greenified buildings.

They learn about specialized and various ranges of design strategies that reduce the negative impact on environments. A healthy building practice is followed by Green Architects to construct a Green Building in an efficient way and they also achieve it.

Students studying Green Architecture acquire a strong knowledge in material resource management, site development, energy and water conservation and enhancing the interior environments.

The curriculum includes materials and methods which are designed to provide sustainable energy conservation, reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and harness natural resources. They develop the knowledge and skillsets to design a sustainable project and also deploy those skills by working as a Green Architect.


There are more programs available for those who are interested to become a Green Architect. The courses include,

  • Graduate Certificate in Sustainability
  • Master of Recreation Management
  • Master of Environmental Science
  • Master’s in applied Sustainability
  • Master of Sustainability

Colleges and Universities

Canadian Colleges and Universities are offering the courses on Green Architecture by understanding the prominence and its need for the future. They focus on creating platforms for those who are willing to become Green Architects and serve for the environment. Few of the Colleges and Universities offering the courses include;

  • University of Northern British Columbia – School of Architecture
  • University of Calgary – School of Architecture
  • University of Manitoba – Faculty of Architecture
  • Algonquin College
  • Dalhousie College
  • Herzing College

Advantages of Green Building

There are significant advantages for a student in studying Green building in Canada and also in implementing it;

  • Students learn to use energy efficiently
  • Implementing green building reduces environmental wastes and pollution
  • Practice an eco-friendly construction
  • Live and study in one of the best cities
  • Experience the best life abroad
  • High living standards at low cost
  • Experience the improvement in employee productivity

Green Architecture is one of the creative and artistic jobs in the world. It needs more creativity and natural essence to produce an appealing and ambient atmosphere. Canada is providing a great opportunity for those who are interested to become a Green Architect. Interested, are you? Then go ahead and register.

Registration Process

Canadian Universities are providing courses for Green or Sustainable Architects. This is the best opportunity coming your way if you are aspiring for it. Plan your abroad studies, apply with CanApprove!

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