Malta Bridging Program for Nurses

Malta Bridging Program for Nurses

This program is for the nursing practitioners who are out of the EU and willing to become a registered nurse in Europe. This is a level – 6 bridging program for nurses and they can register for this program to bridge the knowledge gap between the conventional nursing practice methods in their home country and international and European standard nursing practices.  

This program will make the students eligible to apply for the Maltese nursing and midwifery council registration. Through this program, students acquire a better perception to work in multiple disciplines of health and social care settings. An overall insight about quality management and the impact of quality in health and social care settings, and also in decision making is studied. 

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While putting their academic skills into practice, students develop employability skills and create more employment opportunities.  


Benefits and Perks!

Some solid reasons for a nurse to study bridging course in Malta are,

  • Living your dream
  • Getting registered as a nurse
  • Living in one of the richest countries
  • Allowed to work 20 hours a week
  • Studying in one of the top universities of the world
  • Stay back options after course completion
  • Possibilities for getting PR
  • Technically and Professionally developing
  • Getting exposed to a different culture

Let’s discuss in brief…


Stay Back Options in Malta

As an international student, you will be allowed to work 20 hours a week after completing 90 days and post completion of the course, you will be able to extend your staying period in Malta for 6 months to search for work. 


Career Opportunities

After completing the course successfully, a student can apply with Malta Council of Nurses and Midwives and apply for registration. You can travel to any of the countries in the EU and work as a registered nurse in European countries. You will have direct recruitment in hospitals. Also, you can apply for an EU Blue card (similar to a green card in the US) and get PR after working there for 5 years. 


Topics Covered

You get introduced to a wide range of topics in Nursing like,

  • Multidisciplinary approaches in Health and social care
  • Quality assurance in Health and social care
  • Ethical Issues and decision making
  • Work-based training in Health science
  • Intermediate English
  • Gerontology
  • Mental health, etc…


Take away…

  • A wide range of knowledge in the areas that were not included in the native study or the workplace. 
  • Perceive local nursing practice methods in Europe. 
  • The matters of ethics, religion and other aspects to go with the flow of work in a different country.


Registration Process

CanApprove helps you to get your admission in Malta and provides constant support from the beginning until the end of the process as you fly Malta to advance your nursing education. Our team of experts will help you in collecting the necessary documents which are needed for your visa approval and ensure that your process gets completed successfully. Connect with CanApprove to know further.


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