Diploma and PG Diploma in Canada

Ever wondered to how to work and study in Canada? Here is the gateway for international students to pursue their higher education in Canada. Diploma courses in Canada provide one of the best study experiences.

Canada is among the top five destinations in the world to pursue higher education. Canada boasts a wide range of quality educational institutions for both degrees and diplomas in technical and professional disciplines. Canada is popular for its diploma programs in SPP Colleges because of the quality of education, affordable tuition fee, internships and employment options after course. Programs are designed to train students for the ever-changing global job market. Students planning to pursue higher studies in Canada can apply to any of the participating SPP colleges. SPP is an administrative framework designed and implemented in partnership between the Canadian Visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). The SPP was developed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in cooperation with the ACCC. The project was launched in April 2009 to improve student recruitment outcomes.

Usually Colleges offer Diploma, Advanced Diploma and PG Diploma. Diploma is of 2 years duration, advanced diploma 3 years and PG Diploma 1 to 2 years respectively. The minimum requirements for the program are 50% score in their recently completed credential and proof of English language proficiency. Students can find Courses in Canada in fields like Engineering, Business, Fine Arts, Aviation & Tourism, Health Science, IT, Media & Communication, Logistics, Human Resources, Language, Multimedia & Animation, Film Studies, Social Services & Natural Sciences etc. Certain diploma and PG diploma programs in Canada include internships which enables the students to gain practical and professional experience in their relevant trade field.

Benefits of Diploma Program:

  • Diploma program provides students with thorough knowledge of relevant subject and enables to develop soft skills needed to find employment immediately after graduation.
  • Diploma programs will enable students to gain practical knowledge and skills.
  • After completion of diploma, students can apply for Bachelors through University Transfer options.
  • Few of diploma programs in Engineering, IT & Business have Co op/ internships in final semester. Co-op programs help students apply their classroom education to real world experiences.

Benefits of PG Diploma Program:

  • Level of studies is much higher than a regular diploma program.
  • Programs contain numerous practical projects and assignments.
  • Programs have Co op/ paid internship in the final semester of their course of study.
  • Certain PG Diploma programs are considered to be pathway for Masters Degree.
  • PG Diploma is about selecting a subject for specialization from their own field of graduation thereby gaining practical experience.

Entry requirements for PG Diploma

  • Student should have a minimum of 50% or ‘C’ grade in their most recently completed degree/diploma
  • Proof of English language proficiency as per the eligibility criteria of the program.
  • Sufficient work experience if required for the program.
  • A study gap of no more than five years is allowed, with certain exceptions made for students with a three year gap who have excellent grades with work experience.

Co op Programs/ Internship

Co-operative education enables students to apply concepts learned in class during paid work terms and also can develop a network of valuable contacts. There are many benefits for students attending Diploma programs with Co op education.

  • Gain valuable paid work experience in your field of study.
  • Develop contacts in the job market which facilitate your placement after graduation.
  • Develop professional skills and gain a better understanding of the work environment.
  • Gain valuable international work experience to enhance the academic curriculum.

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