Canada immigration news is much-awaited news by the international students and the individuals who wish to migrate to their dream country. Under the Express Entry immigration selection system, families and individuals across the world can confidently immigrate to Canada within a just few months. The latest Canada immigration news, Express Entry, was first introduced in 2015 and has become the main reason for economic immigration to Canada and one of the most popular immigration systems globally.

What is Express Entry Canada?

The Express Entry system is now in Canada immigration news as it is the largest immigration system used by Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that processes and manages applications received through Canada’s federal economic immigration programs. The eligible candidates are given the applications which are based on their human capital factors, skills, experience, and other factors. The Express Entry system is in Canada immigration news because individuals and families aspiring to settle in Canada can now become new permanent residents there.

The Canada Express Entry system is the most popular Canada immigration news offering Canadian permanent residence. After meeting the basic criteria, the interested applicants should submit an online profile known as an expression of interest under a participating provincial immigration program or one of 3 federal Canada immigration programs to the Express Entry Pool.

Under a Comprehensive Ranking System, the profiles of candidates in the pool are ranked against each other after verification. The highest ranked candidates after the ranking system will be taken into consideration and given the invitation to apply for permanent residence. The candidates must quickly submit a full application within 90 days

If you’re invited to apply after June 26, 2018, you’ll have 60 days to complete your application.

after receiving an invitation for application under the Canada Express Entry 2018. The government targets to process cases in only 6-months.

In this year, most of the immigration to Canada will be mainly through the Canada Express Entry Immigration 2018 system according to the latest Canada immigration news.

There are some characteristic features to apply for Express Entry and they are:

For the candidates, Immigration to Canada should be done in approximately 6 months. In Canada, the candidates must secure an employment. For the migration, a significant job offer will be a benefit, but it is not required.

For employees, the Canada Express Entry will select pre-screened skilled immigrants. There are no government fees and the processing is done fast.

How Express Entry works:

Under federal economic immigration programs, the potential applicants must be eligible for any one of the following

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)


  • A part of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are reorganized through Express Entry but candidates should be eligible for any one of the three federal programs in order to enter the Express Entry pool according to the Canada immigration news
  • An Expression of Interest (EOI) must be submitted by the eligible candidates. This EOI will be assessed and issued a ranking score.
  •  The Comprehensive Ranking System is the basis for the score of Entry Express. In the Canada immigration news, it is clearly mentioned that The CRS is not a selection criteria but it is a ranking system for candidates who are eligible under the FSWC, CEC, or FSTC.
  • Candidates with a provincial nomination or without a job offer may then register in the Canada Job Bank. It is a free public resource that is used to help Canadian employers identify and select the caliber workers they require. According to the latest Canada immigration news, this step used to be mandatory but became voluntary as of June 2017.
  • As per the Canada immigration news, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conduct Express Entry draws at every regular interval. The Candidates, in these Express Entry, draws, who are above a certain rank are invited to apply for the Canadian permanent residence.
  • In the Canada immigration news, it is said that the candidates who are not yet been selected in the pool are able to progress their Express Entry profile and score. They can do this by giving updated and new information. Examples include: educational credentials assessments, obtaining a qualifying job offer or a provincial nomination, increased language scores, adding additional work experience.

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