OINP to continue issuing NOIs amid COVID-19 crisis

In the recent update published recently in the light of COVID-19 crisis, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has revealed that they would continue to process applications and issue nominations and Notifications of Interest (NoIs) under its Express Entry and other streams. The province informed that the immigration candidates may continue to submit applications even if they are unable to submit the required documents with it. All they need to do is include an explanation letter as to why they could not submit the supporting documents.

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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is one of the most popular pathways for immigration to Canada. In 2019, Ontario issued a total of 7350 provincial nominations, which is a record. In 2020, OINP has held seven draws so far including the three held after the restrictions came into place.

OINP Employer Job Offer category

Under the Employer Job Offer category, candidates still need to have a permanent, full-time job offer approved by the OINP to become eligible for a provincial nomination from Ontario. The OINP has directed candidates and employers to inform to inform them of any changes in the approved employment positions. The following conditions in the job offer have to remain consistent until the appointed candidates obtain permanent residence status:

  • the employer
  • job title and duties
  • salary
  • work shift
  • working area

The OINP authorities can revoke the approval of the nominee’s employment if these conditions are not met or the employment is terminated. Those candidates who have their job offers withdrawn or lost their jobs need to inform the OINP. However, the OINP has informed that they will continue to support the nomination of those candidates whose employment is affected by a temporary layoff owing to the COVID-19 crisis, provided they meet the criteria of the immigration program. If the candidate is laid off permanently, they will have 90 days to obtain support from another employer after which they may submit a new application to the OINP.

Ontario declared a state of emergency on March 17, 2020 with an aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The state of emergency was extended on April 14 and remains in effect till date. However, the province has initiated steps to reopen the economy as the number of COVID-19 cases has started to drop.

Though the COVID-19 crisis had some significant impact on Canada’s immigration system, the country continues to accept applications for permanent residence and the Provincial Nominee Programs remain active. If you have Canada immigration plans on your mind, you may start the preparations right away. Contact us to know more about your options for migrating to Canada through PNP.


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