Canada Student Visa

The Canada student visa is called a study permit. You should make sure that you have proper study permit before you leave to Canada for your international studies. It is the basic requirement for obtaining Canada student visa you need to possess, which allow you to enjoy a tension-free legally valid education. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are the Canadian immigration authority and the final say in Canada student visa. You should follow the updated advice regarding your immigration as the study permit changes frequently. The ideal website to solve your queries regarding Canada student visa is the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Your IDP counselor directs you to the significant IRCC information and helps to find out the genuine immigration representatives who are needed. You will need to possess translated documents and has to be couriered them for Canada student visa.  Arranging a study permit or Canada student visa will be overwhelming and can be achieved only if you have proper direction and support.

Canada student visa helps you to pursue primary, secondary and post-secondary education level along with other courses in vocational or professional ability. The student permit or visa will help you to enter Canada as a student in a top accredited college, university or an institution. The student who is enrolled in any program of study that completed with a degree diploma certificate, listed under Designated Learning Institutions verified by IRCC can apply for Canada student visa. The categories given through which the students can request for the Canada student visa are SPP, General, and University.

Canada student visa expires when your course duration ends. That is, students can legally stay in Canada, till the term of their course. Students can also take the stay back choices and apply for it when they earn their degree. VFS office provides the details on the processes that need to be fulfilled by the applicants who wish to apply for Canada student visa. Students can lodge their Canada student visa application via the online link that is available in IRCC website. The students who reside in Canada with Canada student visa can involve in jobs and other activities like part-time jobs for supporting and earning for their education. They are permitted to work in their free time of 20 hours per week. The students can work full time only after course and during the semester breaks.

Canadian government implements extensive measures like ‘Canadian students direct stream’ for providing better education to international students.

Canadian Student Direct Stream

The Canadian student stream otherwise called study direct stream ensure the study permit for international students faster by offering them an excellent educational experience in Canada. This direct stream was implemented in 1st February by ensuring a fast Canada student visa processing for attaining full-time courses in Canada.

Students Have To Meet Certain Requirements To Get Canada Student Visa Via Canadian Student Direct Stream:
  • The people who are permanent citizens of China, India, Vietnam, and Philippines are only allowed to apply for Canada student visa.
  • The applicants from other countries can forward their Canada student visa application by the process of study permit
  • The Canada student visa application procedure requires a copy of the medical certificate.
  • The applicant should submit proof of the guaranteed investment certificate of CAD $10,000
  • The applicant should submit the proof of IELTS examination (International English Testing System) scored a minimum of 6 points.
The Perks Of Obtaining Canada Student Visa Via Canadian Student Stream
  • Getting Canada student visa through the Canadian student stream assures the most flexible and faster process of applying for the international students.
  • The procedures and processing time for Canada student visa through the Canadian student stream is time-saving as it requires not more than 45 days when compared to the regular application process.
  • The student direct stream procedure enables the students to choose their aspired program and college from the huge list of top colleges and universities provided by CanApprove
  • The Canadian student stream is implemented and functions with the Scotiabank.
  • The students are required to submit a limited number of documents that make the Canada student visa application procedure flexible.

Being a country promoting comprehensive educational opportunities and citizenship, Canada is a perfect place to live and enhance your career as well. Students are given the opportunity to stay back after graduation which provides them with a better experience of Canada life. CanApprove is the right choice through which you can experience a flexible immigration service and a better opportunity as you dreamed.

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