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Canada, the place that is known for abundant opportunities with the best immigration policies in the globe awaits you. Whether you have the correct training, abilities, relevant work experience, proficiency in the language, there are various alternatives under which you may attain and settle in the Maple Country. Since October 11, permanent residents in Canada are able to apply for Canadian citizenship. Besides PR, who used up time in Canada like a foreign worker, international student, or protected person before progressing to PR may check a bit of this time towards the residency day’s requirement, where every day spent in Canada on temporary status considers as half a day, up to a most extreme of 365 days.

While in October 11, the government no longer have need of applicants physically be there in Canada for 183 days or more in four out of the six years preceding their application. The test is the end step you ought to capture before the swearing of the Oath of Citizenship. You should pass the test on the off chance you need to end up a Canadian Citizen. All the work and preparation to achieve this phase of your application will be in vain in the event that you don’t pass the Canadian Citizenship Test. The Canadian citizenship test is typically a written test, yet it could be a meeting. You will be tested on two essential requirements for citizenship:

  • Knowledge of Canada and of the rights and obligations of citizenship.
  • Sufficient knowledge of English or French.

The citizenship test questions depend on the Economy and Modern Canada, Government, Elections, Voting, History & Geography, Justice System and Rights & Responsibilities etc. You should take the Canadian Citizenship Test in case you’re between the ages of 18 and 54 when you apply for citizenship. Despite your age, on the off chance that you are applying for citizenship, you should have Permanent Resident (PR) status in Canada, no unfulfilled conditions must be identified with your PR status, and Your PR status must not be in question. This implies you should not be under survey for movement or fraud reasons, have certain unfulfilled conditions identified with your PR status, and be under a removal order (a request from Canadian authorities to leave Canada).

After preparing for the test, you have to get the test dates. The officials sent a notice with the time and date for the Canadian Citizenship Test. On the off chance you aren’t accessible on the date and time of your arrangement, email or keep in touch with the nearby office that sent you the notice clarifying the reason behind your absence, utilize the online web form. However, whether you don’t give a clarification or your clarification isn’t sensible, the officials quit preparing your application and not give you a citizenship. When you approach for your Canadian Citizenship Test, bring the original archives you sent with your application, any identification or travel reports you utilized in the five years before you applied.

Your test might be composed or oral. For instance, if you experience difficulty perusing and writing in English or French, you will have an oral test. An oral examination is provided by a citizenship officer through hearing. The results of the test will be provided right after you catch it. On the off chance that you pass and meet alternate necessities for citizenship, the officials may give you a ceremony date in the meantime of test outcomes or email or send you a letter with the date and time of your function. The ceremony often occurs inside three months after your Canadian Citizenship Test. At the function, you will guarantee citizenship and get your citizenship certificate.

If you don’t go by your primary written test; however, meet alternate necessities for citizenship, the officials will schedule you for a second test and will tell you to come for an interview with a citizenship officer. The interview might be:

  • Face to face or by video conference
  • Allows you to demonstrate the necessities including language and knowledge of Canada

However, if you connected for citizenship with your family, then officials process your application independently from your family’s. In the event that you would prefer not to be prepared independently, you can ask officials to stop the rest from the applications.

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