Citizenship by Investment

What Do You Mean by Citizenship?

The status of a person being recognized as a legal member of a sovereign state under the custom or law is defined to be as Citizenship. When a person becomes a citizen of a nation, he/she gets to enjoy the benefits of that particular country.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by Investment, also known as the economic citizenship is the process of offering the citizenship status to an individual when he/she meets certain requirements which include whether that particular individual is willing to invest a considerable amount into the country.

Rights of A Citizen: –

On becoming a citizen of a country through the Citizenship by Investment Program, you get to enjoy certain rights & benefits that a country offers to its citizens. In general, on becoming a citizen through Citizenship by Investment program, you get to avail the following benefits.

  1. As a citizen of a country, you can retain your citizenship for a lifetime period.
  2. You get the option to pass on your citizenship to your children in the future.
  3. You get to enjoy the right to vote, access to education, the opportunity to indulge yourself in politics, healthcare and every other benefit that is defined by the law of your country.
  4. As a citizen migrated through the Citizenship by Investment program, you need not fulfill any minimum stay requirements which means you get to be a citizen of a country and you need not even visit the place.
  5. When traveling abroad, you can call your country for assistance & protection in case of any unexpected emergencies and can access any embassy or another ambassadorial establishment.
  6. You get the right not to be deprived of your nationality which comes under the Article 15 of the UN’s Human Rights Declaration.
  7. As a citizen, you get the right to hold your passport with which you can identify yourself as a citizen of your country.
  8. Being a citizen of a country, you get the privilege to travel visa-free to the nations with which your country has signed a travel agreement.

Visa-Free Travel

What Does Visa-Free Travel Mean?

Traveling to a foreign country requires an individual to complete Visa procedures which are the standard guidelines every country follows. But Visa-free travel allows you to travel to a foreign country by skipping the everlasting visa formalities. On obtaining citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Progeam, you can avail this privilege if your country has signed travel agreements with that particular county you are traveling to.

Benefits of A Visa-Free Travel: –

  1. You can skip the procedures of filling lengthy forms, the process of providing documents such as supporting letters from friends & employers, bank statements, pictures and more.
  2. Your information can stay confidential with you because there will not arise a need where you have to share your confidential information.
  3. You can skip the processing time of your visa application by the embassy or any relevant body.
  4. Unexpected situations may rise any second, bringing in the need for you to travel abroad. A Visa-free travel allows you to get over with situations that are completely unexpected.
  5. You get to use fast lanes at the border control on your arrival without having to stand at the lengthy border queues.

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