Cyprus Education FAQ

Cyprus is a country on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located at the intersection of the Africa, Europe and Asia. Cyprus has beautiful climate and exotic sea beaches. Cyprus is a mix of modern and traditional. The country has western and modern cities as well as it has traditional villages.

The currency used in Ireland is Euro. US$ 1 = € 0.86 (Please check current FOREX rates for latest update)

The official language is Greek, Turkish and English

International Students are permitted to work in Cyprus for 20 hours per week after six months of entering in the Republic of Cyprus. During break time, students can work part-time for 38 hours in a week. Pupils must be registered in a higher education institution of Cyprus and must have a pink slip to work while studying.

All non-EU students are obliged by Migration Department regulations to have health insurance coverage. This medical insurance must be renewed with each annual registration.