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Cyprus Permanent Residency

Cyprus Permanent Residency

Cyprus – The Major Hub of European Union

Cyprus, a European Union member, offers its very own residents a high standard of living and also exists as a central hub where international trades are carried out on a huge scale. Cyprus has within it beaches which are simply awesome, making it an absolute irresistible place. Being a resident of Cyprus exposes you to an impeccable healthcare system, a wide-range of education options, considering the fact that Cyprus has a lot of quality private English schools & universities.

Cyprus Permanent Residency: –

The Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit has been in practice for a couple of years now, allowing other nation people to legally purchase property in Cyprus and become one of its Permanent Resident. The Cyprus government has ensured that the process, the requirements, the procedures have been made simple, allowing other country nationals to invest in Cyprus.
Though there are a lot of benefits you can enjoy by being a permanent resident of Cyprus, one important benefit is the tax imposed on residents of Cyprus is low when it is compared with other countries. Residents of Cyprus receive dividends from the companies that are registered in Cyprus.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Cyprus Permanent Residency: –

Cyprus Permanent Residency Application process takes somewhere around a time period of two months to be completed. To apply for Cyprus Permanent Residency, an applicant should meet the following criteria.

  • The applicant should purchase one or more properties within Cyprus. The property should be equal to or greater than €300,000 (plus VAT).
  • The applicant should provide a certificate by the authorities of the origin country stating that he/she is clean of criminal records.
  • The applicant should provide a statement stating that he/she has no intention to work in Cyprus.
  • The applicant should visit Cyprus once in every two years.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

  • What is the Visa Type that Cyprus Permanent Residency Program Offers?
    Cyprus Permanent Residency Program offers its applicants a Permanent Residence Permit.
  • What is the time required for a Cyprus Permanent Residency Application to be processed?
    Usually, it takes around two months for an application to be viewed, assessed & the permission to be granted.
  • What is the minimum purchase value to apply for Cyprus Permanent Residency Program?
    The applicant should buy properties equal to or greater than €300,000.
  • How many years will it take to qualify for citizenship?
    To qualify for citizenship, an applicant must have resided in Cyprus for 7 years but he/she can apply any time under the Individual Investor Program.
  • Are there any languages to be mandatorily known to qualify for Citizenship?
    No, there are no mandatory language requirements.
  • Does Cyprus offer Dual Citizenship to its Citizens?
    Yes, citizens of Cyprus can enjoy the privilege of having a Dual Citizenship.
    A lot of foreign families decide to settle permanently in Cyprus due to the warm pleasant weather it has & the high standard of living Cyprus could offer to its residents. Cyprus could be an ideal place for foreign nation people who wish to settle down & conduct International business.

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