Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica is a land known for its lush green forests, its diverse range of flora & fauna and an abundant number of rivers flowing through it, supporting ecosystem and human life together all at once. The Dominican Government as an effort to improve its economy started the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, aiming to improve the economy of Dominica.

What is Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program?

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program was started by the Dominican Government in the year 1993 and it has been more than two decades since its establishment. Dominica has been taking in people all these years and it seems that the numbers just won’t settle. Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the best & affordable economic citizenship programs which aims to improve the economy and the standards of its applicants.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Dominica: –

Dominica remained as a British Colony until it gained its independence in the year 1978 and now it is a member of the Commonwealth Nations. Dominica’s laws are from the common law, a system that is inherited from Britain.

  • Dominica is one of the most unique islands of the Caribbean and has a landmass which contains both rugged volcanic terrain and deep dense rainforest covers.
  • The Dominican Government has its plans to establish a new airport welcoming direct flights from Europe & the United States.
  • The Dominican Island has a tropical rainforest climate, which gives warm temperatures & slight rainfall year-round.
  • The Dominican economy is surging up strongly because of the financial services industry. Although financial services sector contributes a large source of income to Dominica, agriculture remains as the main occupation of the country. Dominica’s export list includes coffee, cocoa, aloe vera, citrus fruits & more.
  • The abundant wildlife, the diverse landscapes, and the tropical reefs make it the best place for tourism, contributing to the economic growth of the country.

Eligibilities for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program: –

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program has some requirements which should be met by the applicant if he/she wishes to immigrate to Dominica through the program.

  • The applicant who wishes to apply should be at least 18 years old of age.
  • The applicant should be interested to make an investment into the Dominican economy.
  • The investment made by the applicant should be in the form of a contribution to the EDF or it should be an investment in the local estates which are pre-approved.
  • The cost of Citizenship differs from Government donation option & Approved Real Estate option.

Investment Options in Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program: –

Candidates applying for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program should choose any one of the following options.

  • The Economic Diversification Fund: –
    The Economic Diversification Fund has been launched to strengthen Dominica’s local economy. The applicant should contribute a sum of USD 100,00$ which makes it the most affordable Citizenship by Investment Program in the Caribbean Area.
  • Real Estate Investment: –
    The applicant should purchase real estate properties that are approved by the government if he/she wishes to immigrate. The applicant should hold the property for a minimum period of three years. If the applicant wishes to re-sell the property, he/she should wait for at least a period of five years.

Benefits of becoming a Dominican Citizen: –

Becoming a citizen of Dominica through the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program offers its citizens a lot of benefits. Below listed are the benefits a citizen of Dominica could get:

  • He/she could retain the citizenship status forever and live & work anywhere in the country according to his will.
  • The candidate will have the ability to pass down his/her citizenship to the future generations.
  • Dominican government offers the opportunity to possess Dual citizenship.
  • A Dominican citizen could travel visa-free to up to over 100 countries which include the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong & more.

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program: –

  • The applicant can include family members in his/her application.
  • The processing time is quite fast and there are no off the paper requirements.
  • There is no need to go through an interview process.
  • The applicant need not have to reside in Dominica during the application process or even it has been processed.

The “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” has been successfully taking in immigrants for more than two decades, offering them high-standards of life and also improving the Dominican economy simultaneously.
We are quite well known for the reliable immigration services we have been doing for the past 20 years. For more information on Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, contact our Immigration Consultant Experts.