Why Is It Important to Go Through an Eligibility Test Before You Apply for Immigration?

Migrating to a different country demands a lot of time, effort, money and energy. Many fail in their immigration attempt even after taking so much effort and spending too much money because they do not have ample knowledge regarding the risks involved. So it will be a bad idea to go ahead with your immigration plan without first knowing if you meet all the criteria required to successfully immigrate to your desired country. An eligibility test will give you a clear idea about your chances for migration.

Now let’s further explore why you should go through an eligibility test before applying for immigration:

Score high to be eligible:

Countries like Canada and Australia have an initial assessment and scoring system that helps them remove ineligible candidates. The scores are awarded based on a number of factors that determine the candidate’s chances of successfully settling in the new country. These include age, education, work experience, language proficiency etc.

If you take an eligibility test with Canapprove, we can assess your profile based on these factors and tell you if it is possible for you to immigrate to your desired country. We can point out the areas which you can still improve in order to score higher points, such as language proficiency, work experience and qualification.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, we can tell you which is the best province for you to settle in. We will also help you to apply for the provincial nominee programs of these provinces. We also offer similar services for Australia immigration as well.

Better job opportunities:

Based on the eligibility test, an expert immigration consultant can tell you how much your occupation is in demand in the country where you want to migrate. We, at Canapprove, assess the job prospects of each immigration aspirant based on their eligibility test. We also point out to our clients the specific regions or provinces where their occupation is in high demand and hence, they can have a better chance of getting employment.

Be ready with documents:

Countries have different immigration programs for people with different skill sets and qualifications. For example, Canada has immigration programs such as Express Entry, provincial nominee programs, investor immigration programs etc. Upon an assessment based on the eligibility test, an immigration consultant can tell which immigration program is the best for you to apply. They will also tell you what all documents you need to submit along with the application. These may include transcripts of your mark sheets, certificates, identity proof etc. So you will have ample time to collect all the needed documents before you apply for immigration.

Time and money:

After the eligibility test, the immigration consultant will tell you how much time it will take to complete the entire immigration procedure and settle down in the new country. He will also inform you how much money you will have to spend in order to migrate. This will help you to plan ahead and start preparing accordingly.

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