India emerges topmost source for Australian citizenship

India has become the top source of Australian citizenship in the last five years, pushing the United Kingdom to the second place, according to data released to the Federal Parliament. As on February 28, 2018, the number of Indians who received Australian citizenship during 2017-2018 is 10,168. Indians are closely followed by applicants from the United Kingdom at 9195, in obtaining Australian citizenship during this period.

In the 2016-2017 period, the number of Indians who became Australian citizens was 22,006, compared to 19,617 people from the UK. In 2013-2014 as well, 26,040 Indian migrants obtained Australian citizenship.

The total number of Indian migrants who were granted Australian citizenship from the year 2012 till now is 118,000.

The top sources of Australian citizenship in 2017-2018

Country of the applicantsNumber of citizenship granted
United Kingdom9,195
South Africa2,617
Sri Lanka1,962
South Korea1,200
Other countries20,399


Vast job opportunities, higher wages and high living standards are the factors that attract Indians, especially skilled workers to Australia. The beautiful landscapes and the most happening cosmopolitan cities make Australia the most sough-after destination for young and talented skilled workers from India.

There are many pathways through which Indians can migrate to Australia. Australia has a point-based migration system for skilled immigrants that assesses factors including language proficiency, age, education qualifications and work experience. One can also move to Australia on a business visa, if he/she wants to invest in an Australian business venture. Permanent residents and citizens can sponsor their spouses and other family members to move to Australia. The other two major pathways for moving to Australia are temporary work visa and student visa.

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