The latest quarterly survey of the National Australia Bank (NAB) has revealed that the skill shortages in Australian industries are rising like never before. In this context, it is expected that the Australian employers will be looking for skilled migrant workers to solve this problem.

According to the survey, around 50% firms are finding it difficult to get skilled staff. Scarcity of adequately skilled staff is most evident in sectors including trades, hospitality and medical care, says the report. On the positive side, this scarcity may lead to wage increase for the available skilled workers in Australia.

Currently, Australian workforce is not large, skilled and available enough to meet the demands of a growing economy. This may lead to slowing down of the growth and the economy becoming less competitive, according to experts. Many business owners have already raised their concern over the issue.

The current situation is likely to prove as a blessing in disguise for skilled workers who aspire to migrate to Australia.


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