Canada Visa Application Centres (VACs) service changes announced

Canada Visa Application Centres (VACs) service changes announced

The Government of Canada has announced certain changes in the services offered by the Canada Visa Application Centres (VACs) located in Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Starting from November 2nd, Canadian visa applicants will have to schedule an appointment to submit biometrics and pay extra fees for the submission of applications in Canada Visa Application Centres. The additional fees will vary according to the location.

Canada Visa Application Centres (VAC)

Canada Visa Application Centres (VACs) that are located around the world are private companies contracted by the Canada government for offering visa application support and fingerprints and photograph collection (biometrics) services for Canada visa applicants. The Canada Visa Application Centres can be contacted by phone or email or in-person.

Canada Visa Application Centres (VAC) services:

The major services offered by Canada Visa Application centres are:

Answering queries in local languages and checking if the applications are complete

Sending application documents and passports to the visa office

Returning passport and decision documents to the applicants

Tracking of applications

Scheduling interviews

Providing application photographs and photocopies for a fee

Providing access to a computer to apply online for Canada visa

VACs accept applications for study permits, work permits, visitor visas (temporary resident visa) and travel documents for permanent residents.

Major changes:

On November 1st, 2018, the current contracts of Canada government with VACs in Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas will expire. After that walk-in services will be terminated and the applicants will have to pay additional fees for application services. Some of the VACs in the Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas regions will be moved to other locations. Also, the VACs in Perth, Australia, and Surabaya, Indonesia, will close permanently on November 30, 2018. Changes will also be introduced to the VACs in Africa, Europe and the Middle East from November 2nd, 2019 onwards.

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