Number of Indians looking for jobs in Canada on the rise

Number of Indians looking for jobs in Canada on the rise

As the US tightening its visa requirements for overseas workers, job seekers from India are increasingly looking for jobs in Canada, shows a new report released by Indeed, the job search engine. In August 2016, six per cent of all overseas searches for jobs in Canada originated from India. By July 2018, the number was more than doubled to 13 per cent, as per the report. At the same time, the popularity of the US has come down among international job seekers, it has been observed.

Growing popularity for jobs in Canada

Indeed conducted the study to analyse the changes in the popularity of Canada and the US among international job seekers. They studied searches from 58 countries in six continents. Out of these 58 countries, 41 showed an increase in search for jobs in Canada. Only 17 countries showed a fall in search of jobs in Canada.

Shift of interest from the US to Canada

The largest shift of interest from the US to Canada was witnessed among job seekers from India. Between August 2016 and July 2018, the search for jobs in the US by Indian job seekers fell from 60% to 50%. At the same time, the share of searches for jobs in Canada rose from 6% to 13% during this period.

This shift is partly attributed to the US tightening its H-1B visa rules. In 2017, Indian received around 74% of all the H-1B visas issued. But stricter visa rules have prompted Indian job seekers to turn their attention to Canada. This has been proved by the fact that Indian job seekers often search for highly skilled jobs such as business analyst, mechanical engineer and software developer, which are affected by H-1B visa rule changes. Canada’s growing tech sector is also observed to be a reason for increased interest for Canada among job seekers.

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