Masters Degrees in Canada

Canada is a safe, secure, healthy, multicultural and welcoming environment for international students and offers quality education and degrees are recognized worldwide. Studying Masters in Canada has become an increasingly popular option for students for seeking a high-quality postgraduate program. There is a tremendous increase in a number of international students enrolled in Canadian universities. Higher education in Canada is characterized by its diversity, infrastructure, and facilities in Campuses and the portfolio of programs and specialism.

There are over 90 universities in Canada, of which 17 are private. Usually, Masters in Canada is of 2 years for on-campus model programs and the program intake is September of each year. Master’s degree in Canada typically is of two years study after successful completion of an undergraduate program. Masters Degree in Canada comprises of MA, MSc, MBA and M Eng where the title MA tends to be for the arts, humanities and social science programs while MSc tends for life sciences, Management and other related degrees, MBA for Business Administration and M Eng for engineering degrees. Students have over 10000+ programs to explore. Masters programs are available with specializations in Business, Engineering, Social Service, Information Technology, Health Sciences, Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality, Arts and language etc.

Application & Admission

Universities of Canada are World Class Institutions and have lower tuition fee than other study abroad destinations. The application process varies depending on the province and the institution. Candidates seeking admission for Masters Study in Canada should apply from one year before the start date. Candidates applying for Masters in Canada are expected to have a minimum GPA and proof of language proficiency like IELTS/TOEFL. For candidates applying for MBA, a graduate entry test score such as a Graduate Management Aptitude test (GMAT)has to be presented and Graduate Record Examination test score (GRE) for M Eng programs. There should be a valid study permit for the student to pursue Masters in Canada. With sufficient documents as per the visa requirements, an applicant can receive his study permit within 15 working days. Your study permit entitles you to work up to 20 hours a week alongside your studies and full-time during semester breaks.

After securing Masters in Canada students have the option:

  • To continue their studies for advanced credentials like Research Degrees and Ph.D in Canada Universities.
  • Gain additional work experience there and which may help graduates to get permanently immigrate to Canada.

MBA in Canada

Canada is one of the best destinations for students who want to pursue a career in business. Being a leading Business National earning an MBA from Canadian Universities enables the students to equip them with industrial skills and self-confidence to adapt to the changing business environment. Most of the MBA programs in Canada are of 2 years duration but there are some programs which get over in a matter of 18 months and those courses are known as Accelerated MBA. Students who wish to complete their MBA program in one year can apply in institutions like Thompson Rivers University, Faculty of Business, University of Manitoba, Edwards School of Business MBA, and Ivey MBA Program at the McMaster University in Canada. This one year MBA programs is most suitable for students who are working and are unable to spend two whole years finishing their MBA degree. Students qualified for a Master’s degree or a post graduate study of any level also opts for 1 year MBA.

Application & Admission

In order to be eligible for an MBA program in Canada, candidates should have an undergraduate degree of 4 years along with a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score, proper work experience and proof of language proficiency. Every Business Schools for MBA in Canada have their own specific details of the admissions criteria along with other prerequisites.

The advantages of earning Master’s degree in Canada are huge and varied, and everyone has their own reasons for selecting this large and diverse country to obtain their degree in Canada.