Mon Project Quebec – Updates & News

  • The Mon Project Quebec is a secure online space immigration management system utilized by the Canadian Province to process applications for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  • Applying via mon project Quebec is mandatory for all the candidates who wish to migrate to the province of Quebec under skilled worker program and obtaining a CSQ for the same.
  • As per Quebec news, under the Mon Project Quebec 2017, the maximum count of ten thousand applications for the Quebec selection certificate which can be applied for regular skilled worker program has already been attained for the intake period of April 1, 2016, to March 31, 2017.
  • However, the maximum number of applications for a Certificat de sélection du Québec received under the Regular Skilled Worker Program will be 5000 for the next intake period.
  • If the candidate owns a valid employment letter approved by the ministry or if the applicant is a temporary resident of Quebec and eligible to apply for the Quebec selection certificate, then the candidate can apply at any time.

Key facts about mon project Quebec

The below is a mon project Quebec guide and some essential facts of the same.

  • The candidate can access the mon project Quebec through the personal computer.
  • However, mobile phones or tablets cannot be used for accessing mon project Quebec.
  • The applicants accessing the mon project Quebec is placed in a virtual waiting room for keeping the applicant on a line during high traffic periods.
  • If the candidate requires accessing the mon project Quebec, the system will redirect the applicant to virtual waiting space.
  • The applicant can track the position on the line and find the number of people waiting ahead of the candidate.

Access mon project Quebec and perform the following

  • The mon project Quebec account allows the applicant to process the following steps.
  • The candidate can complete the online application for Quebec selection certificate.
  • The candidate can make payment online
  • The applicant can keep track on the online application status.
  • The candidate can make changes on the application if required.
  • The applicant can access the personal electronic messaging service.

Other programs available for candidate application

Select the program relevant to candidate profile and choose the right option for Quebec immigration. Below are few programs for candidates:

  • Quebec Experience Program
  • Temporary workers
  • Foreign students (application for the Quebec acceptance certificate for studies)
  • Business people (entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed workers)
  • Refugee and clientless
  • Sponsors and sponsored persons

Future Implements

  • Quebec ministry of immigration has declared that the government has planned to implement changes in QSWP which would shift the candidate to a system like federal express entry selection program.
  • Here the candidate can express the interest to the government then issue the application for permanent residence on a priority basis using a ranking system.
  • Based on the proposed system for Quebec, the immigrants are selected as per the needs of Quebec labor markets.
  • The government of Quebec has previously announced to approve 2800 new Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP) applicants through mon project Quebec, but ten thousand applications have already been received for the process. In future, the government of Quebec has planned to increase the immigration count for the period of 2017 to 2019.
  • In accordance with the situation of Canada, Quebec aging population requires the skilled workers across various industries.
  • In addition to the employment initiative, Quebec has the proposed various schemes for new arrivals of Quebec which includes cultural integration schemes and others.
  • The preparation of candidates who have not submitted the application through mon project Quebec during the intake period of August 16, will not be futile. Because many documents which are prepared for the Canadian immigration program are set to be extended by the Quebec government and the federal government to welcome more candidates for assisting in the integration.

Other Information

  • The mon project Quebec processing time and the mon project Quebec fees depend upon the choice of program. However, according to the government of Quebec, processing time will be gradually reduced with the new system.
  • The mon project Quebec came into being from 5th January 2016 and candidates migrating under QSWP must all apply through mon project only.
  • After the introduction of mon project Quebec 2016, the system has been developing and making the Quebec skilled worker program a facile process.
  • Note that the mon project Quebec is only for applicants who wish to apply for QSWP and applicants for PEQ cannot apply via mon project Quebec.
  • A lot of mon project Quebec forum are created for the candidates to clear their queries regarding the same.
  • Once the ministry is ready to process an application, they send across required documents list to candidate’s mon project account.
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