New Zealand Visa Requirements

Most overseas students are subjected to New Zealand visa requirements to study full-time in New Zealand. Visa requirements to study in New Zealand do not hold for domestic students.

A student visa is not required for a single period of up to three months’ study at a primary, intermediate, or secondary school. However, the study must be completed within the same calendar year. Student visa for New Zealand is not required for one or more study programmes, up to three months of duration. In such cases, a visitor visa to New Zealand should suffice. 

New Zealand visa requirements for International students: 

As already established, International students have to submit copies of required documents unless specified to submit their original documents.

  1. An offer of place/confirmation of enrolment: The applicant must submit a confirmation of enrolment certificate at a New Zealand education provider. It must include a declaration on applicant’s profile assessment, English language proficiency and academic capability to succeed in the programme offered as a part of mandatory New Zealand visa requirements.
  1. Proof of Tuition fees: New Zealand visa requirements demand students applying for a visa to submit evidence of paying sufficient funds during the course of study. Such evidence may include a copy of acceptance of a foreign government loan, or scholarship, New Zealand government scholarships.
  1. Funds for Living costs: Apart from the evidence indicating sufficiency of tuition fees, students must provide evidence of enough money to support oneself during the course of study under the mandatory New Zealand visa requirements.
  1. Outward travel: New Zealand visa requirements need the applicant to provide evidence of financial means to leave New Zealand before the expiry of student visa.
  1. Attendance and Performance: For students already on a study visa and looking to renew it must submit their attendance and performance certificate as a part of New Zealand visa requirements.
  1. Insurance requirements: New Zealand visa requirements ask foreign students to mandatorily submit their travel, medical insurance details before getting their visa stamped.  
Apply for a study visa to New Zealand 

In order to apply for a student visa adhering to New Zealand visa requirements, follow the below-given steps. Also, make sure to submit the completed application at least 8 weeks prior to your arrival. 

  1. Collect your supporting documents: Before applying for a study visa, New Zealand visa requirements insist students gather their supporting documents. The more relevant documents are submitted to the immigration authorities, the quicker will the visa be processed.

Proof of identity, passport document, medical certificates, police verification certificate, an adequate English translation of any other applicable documents is some of the documents under New Zealand visa requirements.

  1. Apply online for quicker processing: It is best that applicants submit their completed applications fulfiling all the New Zealand visa requirements online. Though provision for offline submission of visa application is available, online submission is easier and faster.

New Zealand visa requirements become mandatory only if one plans to study in New Zealand for more than 3 months. Range of visas allows students to study, work or take some training.

  1. Cost of application: Fulfilling all the New Zealand visa requirements is not costly, however, it still varies where to in New Zealand and from where one is applying. New Zealand visa requirements for student visa include evidence of funds supporting your study for students from some countries. No refund of application fees is allowed if the application is rejected.
  1. Set up of RealMe account: RealMe is a secure way to establish your identity online. New Zealand visa requirements mandate the applicant to set up a RealMe account before applying for study visa online.

Most of the visas get processed within a month from the date of receiving the application by the immigration authorities of New Zealand.

Making a correct note of all New Zealand visa requirements and submitting it correctly can be a tedious task. We can come to your help in organising all the relevant documents and making you aware of all the New Zealand visa requirements. Contact us now to realize your dream to study abroad!

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