PEQ – Quebec International Graduates:

Quebec Experience Class is the perfect option for people who wish to migrate provided they have either studied or worked in the province of Quebec. Quebec Experience Class has two categories within it. One for the international students and other for the people who have worked in the province of Quebec.

Quebec Experience Class Program allows international students who have a Quebec Diploma to settle in the province of Quebec.

Eligibility Criteria for Quebec Experience Class: –

The candidate in order to migrate under the Quebec Experience Class should have obtained a Quebec Selection Certificate. In order to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate, the applicant should meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  • The applicant at the time of applying should be at least 18 years old and should intent to settle in Quebec.
  • The applicant should have confirmed about the condition of his/her stay as a foreign student.
  • The applicant should possess a Quebec diploma in order to be eligible for Quebec Experience Class Program or the applicant should be about to complete his/her study and obtain a Quebec Diploma.
  • The applicant should have an intermediate knowledge of French which is mandatory to migrate under the Quebec Experience Class.
  • The applicant should make sure that he/she can support his/her family financially and be able to fulfil the needs of people who come as dependants for a minimum period of three months from the date the applicant gets his/her permanent resident status.
How to Become a Quebec Graduate?

Quebec offers to its immigrants and students a high standard of life which makes the idea of studying & migrating under Quebec International Graduate appealing to every individual.

Do the Groundwork: –

Before an individual decides to study in Quebec, he/she should make sure that they have sufficient knowledge about the province of Quebec. They should be familiar with the education system, education costs, financial management and employment opportunities for foreign students.

The Application Submission Process: –

On choosing the desired university, the individual has to submit an application for admission to the university. The individual has to make sure whether he/she knows about all the amenities that the university offers.

Granting Authorization to study Quebec: –

The university looks at the candidate’s application and takes a decision. On approval. The candidate has to do the needful to obtain the necessary authorizations to stay in Quebec.

The Getting Prepared Phase: –

The applicant should make sure that he/she has completed all the formality procedures before moving to Quebec. The thought of moving into an entirely new space might be bewildering but it is more important to be prepared to make it smooth & memorable.

Proceeding with Temporary Settlement in Quebec: –

On arriving in Quebec, the individual should make sure that he/she completes all the entry formalities that are needed to support his/her temporary stay in Quebec. If the applicant wishes to stay longer than the allowed time in Quebec, then he/she has to renew authorizations before the expiry date without fail.

Permanent Stay at Quebec: –

Once the individual has obtained a Quebec Diploma, then he/she can do the necessary steps to migrate to Quebec under the Quebec Experience Class Program.

Other Important Things You Should Know About Studying in Quebec: –
  • Temperatures in Quebec can be extremely low during the winters. It’s advisable to have scarfs, gloves, hats & jackets always.
  • Cost of living & Tuition fees is very low in the province of Quebec.
  • A large population of the Quebec knows both French & English.
  • Quebec has a lot of research and technology transfer centers.
  • Quebec has a world-class education system which can enhance the quality of the student’s life.
  • Students have a lot of staying options in Quebec. They can either stay within the universities or opt for home stays.

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