Permanent Residency by Investment

What is A Permanent Residency?

Permanent Residency by Investment is nothing but a visa status that allows the holder of the Permanent Resident Visa to reside legally inside the country though he/she is not a citizen of that particular country. A permanent resident can live, work, study & gain access to health care in the country he/she lives. One disadvantage of being a Permanent Resident is, he/she cannot vote or participate in politics which only a citizen of that country can do.
Every single country has proposed some requirements if a person wants to become a Permanent Resident of that country. In order to become a permanent resident, he/she should be able to meet the proposed requirements. Some examples of the basic requirements every country expects are having a certain period of work experience in the country, the language they speak & the studies they have pursued. Investment serves as another optimal solution to gain permanent residency. Gaining a permanent resident visa can also pave the way to obtain citizenship after living in the country for a certain period.

What is A Permanent Residency by Investment?

Obtaining a permanent residency visa by showing interest & the willingness to invest in the economy of that particular country is called a Permanent Residency by Investment. A permanent resident application is given a higher consideration when it comes through this method.

Rights You Can Enjoy Being A Permanent Resident: –

Being a resident of the country, you can exercise the following rights:

  • The right to live, work & study in the country without any restrictions imposed.
  • The right to retain your foreign passport & hold international travel documents.
  • The right to leave & re-enter your resident country. But you should note that you may be denied re-entry if you fail to comply or fulfill any of the conditions that come along with the Permanent Residency by Investment program.
  • The privilege to access more job opportunities. But certain jobs do require a security clearance which only the Green Card Holders & US citizens can have.
  • Permanent Residency by Investment grants you the right to become a citizen once you have completed the requirements to become a citizen.
Important Note: –
    Though being a permanent resident gives you the privilege to exercise certain rights, there are certain things you should be careful with if you do not want to lose your permanent resident status.

  • Being a permanent resident, you must fulfill your stay requirements, else you tend to lose your permanent resident status.
  • You need to be free from convictions to be a permanent resident. You could lose your PR status during any such occurrence.

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