Quebec Self-employed Worker Program

Quebec Self-employed Worker Program targets qualified individuals who can establish themselves as an independent tradesperson or professional in Quebec.

Along with meeting the requirements of the program, the candidate also needs to accept the following conditions:

  • Choose the means of work performance
  • Organize the work
  • Provide the required tools and equipment
  • Carry out most of the specialized duties
  • Collect the profits and support the loss risks resulting from the work.

Requirements for Quebec Self-employed Worker Program

  • The candidate must create their own job in Quebec. It can be a profession or business, done alone or with other immigration candidates, and with or without paid help
  • If the candidate is based in Montreal, they must register a start-up deposit of $50,000 or more at a local financial institution. If the location is outside of Montreal, the minimum required deposit amount is $25,000.
  • The candidate must score at least minimum points on the Quebec Economic Class selection grid for the Quebec Self-employed Program. The candidates can earn up to 99 points (112 points if accompanied by a spouse or common-law partner) for eligibility factors including education, work experience, language proficiency, previous ties to the province, financial self-sufficiency, financial resources, family in Quebec etc.
  • The candidate must demonstrate intention to reside in Quebec.
  • The candidate must have minimum net worth of $100,000 alone or with accompanying spouse. The candidate must also prove that the assets have been acquired through legal means.

Quebec Self-employed Worker Program: Selection factors

Education: The candidate must have a minimum level of education equal to Canadian secondary school general diploma

Work experience: The candidate must have minimum two years of experience in the profession or trade they are planning to practice after establishing themselves in Quebec

Financial self-sufficiency: The candidate must submit a contract to prove financial self-sufficiency

The candidates of Quebec Self-employed program may have to attend a selection interview.

Quebec offers great opportunities for self-employed workers, along with high quality living. Contact us to explore your options to migrate to Quebec.


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