The Farm Owners and Operators Subcategory

The Farm Owners and Operators subcategory of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) targets those who wish to purchase and operate a farm in Saskatchewan. Potential immigrants with proven experience in farming and sufficient capital to invest in farming operations can settle in Saskatchewan permanently under this category. One precondition is that the candidates must make an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan before submitting the application. During this visit, which must not be for less than five days, the candidate can also meet a representative of the SINP.

Eligibility criteria

  • Minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD, which must be verified by a professional third party approved by the Ministry
  • Proof that the net worth was accumulated through legal means
  • Have relevant experience and knowledge in farm operations
  • Have a viable proposal for a commercial Saskatchewan farming opportunity.

Young Farmer Stream

Candidates below the age of 40 can apply under the Young Farmer Stream of this sub category. In order to be eligible under the stream, the candidates must fulfill two additional criteria, which are:

At least three years of experience in:

  • Farm ownership
  • Farm management
  • Practical farming experience

The accompanying spouse of the candidate must have marketable employment skills to supplement their farming income.

Business Performance Agreement

If the SINP accept the application of a candidate under this subcategory, the applicant will be issued a Nomination Approval and Request for Deposit Letter, and a Business Performance Agreement. By signing the Business Performance Agreement, the candidate is committing to purchase and actively operate a farm in Saskatchewan.

Refundable Deposit

The candidate has to make a refundable Good Faith Deposit of $75,000 CAD and the Request for Deposit letter issued along with the Business Performance Agreement will provide instructions on how to make the deposit.
When the candidate meets all the terms in the business performance agreement, they can apply for a refund of the deposit. The candidate can submit the application within two years of landing in Saskatchewan. While submitting the application, the candidate must also prove that they have actively invested in the Saskatchewan for no less than six months.

Farm Establishment Plan

The Farm Establishment Plan (FEP) for the successful settlement and business development in Saskatchewan must show that the candidate has conducted extensive market research relevant to the proposed farming operation. Though candidate can seek the help of a third party for the development of the FEP, they must have complete knowledge and understanding of the plan. If the SINP officials find the candidate to be unaware of the contents of the plan, they may subsequently be deemed ineligible.

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