When to request for Quebec administrative review?

  • The government of Quebec reviews applications of the candidates thoroughly and a candidate may be elected or rejected based on several factors.
  • An extensive research on immigration procedures is imperative. However, there are times when even after a thorough research you miss out on certain factors during your application procedure. This lead to a rejected application. At times like this, you can opt for Quebec administrative review.
  • If accepted, you shall receive a confirmation email inclusive of your accepted application, and an envelope with Quebec selection certificate which must send to the sponsored person.
  • However, if that is not the case, then your application has been denied. You will then receive a rejection letter specifying the reasons for your application refusal.
  • You can then submit a request for a Quebec administrative review of a decision to refuse your application for a Québec selection or acceptance certificate.
Reasons for Quebec immigration rejection

An application can be rejected for several reasons and the candidates might have to choose for a Quebec administrative review. Possible intention to reject Quebec immigration are below:

  • Social support: If you receive a social support and you are not obligating to the condition.
  • Criminality or sexual offense: If you are found guilty for a criminal or sexual offense against a person/one among your family member in Canada.
  • If a candidate does not obtain social benefits from Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity as per the rules, the candidate’s profile is rejected until or unless you provide the reasons for reimbursed dues.
  • If a candidate has refused to accept the judgments issued for their alimony obligations, for the past five years.
  • If a candidate is financially incapable and or if your income becomes insufficient and does not comply to the initial financial requirements of Quebec immigration.
  • Other reasons maybe you are rejected or targeted by the refusal order by immigration and refugee protection act.
  • If the person accompanying you do not belong to the family class.
  • If you do not submit all the required documents or have failed to produce the supported documents necessary to proceed with your application
The Quebec immigration appeal process
  • Once your application is rejected, the counselor provides the explanation notice stating the purpose of application refusal and the required list of missing documents from Quebec selection certificate application.
  • Candidate receives sixty days of time duration for furnishing the requested documents. If the candidate fails to produce the proof on the given time-frame, the application will be rejected without prior notification.
  • Candidates can then request for administrative review Quebec
Key facts of Quebec administrative review
  • For your application of Quebec administrative review, to be assessed and reviewed, you must specify all the elements you consider were improperly assessed.
  • You must indicate what the legal, factual or clerical error is.
  • If required, you must enclose all the documents or information that are not already in your file, to support your request for the Quebec administrative review.
  • Make sure, you do not send the original copies of documents, unless indicated otherwise, since the documents submitted for Quebec administrative review, since it will not be returned.
  • The request for Quebec administrative review must be signed and a photocopy of the letter of refusal must be attached along with it. Other documents required for Quebec administrative review must also be included.
  • The request for Quebec administrative review is received by the ministry within 90 days from the date of requesting.
  • Any documents sent after the 90 days’ time frame are not accepted.
  • Be sure to write ‘ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW’ on the first page of your request to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • You shall receive an acknowledgment receipt within 30 days of receipt request, provided your Quebec administrative review request was complete and had fulfilled all the requirements.
  • If that is not the case, then you shall receive a letter specifying the reason for denial of the Quebec administrative review process.

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