Quebec Selection Certificate is the first step that an applicant should carry out if he/she wants to migrate to Quebec. Besides the applicant, the dependant should also apply and obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate.

You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent citizen residing in Quebec and must be at least 18 years of age to sponsor a close relative or partner.

A dependent child must be the biological offspring of either parent and must not be adopted by any person other than the spouse or de facto spouse of one of his/her parents or the adopted child of one or the other parent.

A person at-least 16 years of age of the same or the opposite sex. been living under marital status   for at least one year with the sponsor or the principal sponsored person.

To qualify as a Sponsor, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the financial capacity to support the person who you wish to bring along and as well as all members of that person’s family whether or not they are accompanying the Sponsor person.

In Quebec, the duration for undertaking Spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner is 3 years.

The child is a person and hence he/she must possess minimum 10 years or until the age of majority 18 years old whichever is longer.

Since January 1,2017, the application process fee for one person is C$277.

Since January 1,2017, the application process fee for one person is C$277.

The sponsored person must be informed of how the basic needs are being met or any change of address and to inform the sponsor(guarantor) any steps take to obtain financial aid especially government assistance.