What is Quebec immigration assessment?

  • The assessment of an applicant for Quebec immigration varies as per the category of the applicant; for example,  the application of a skilled worker can be processed under four distinct categories– Federal Skilled Worker Class, Provincial Skilled Worker Class, Provincial Nominee Class, and Canada Experience Class.
  • Apart from that, there is also a point system which determines the eligibility of a candidate for Quebec immigration.
  • Applicants for Quebec immigration can obtain permanent residence visa provided they fulfill the eligibility criteria for that particular category and can establish themselves in Quebec.

Quebec immigration assessment categories

Skilled Labor Class

  • Candidates who hold a professional degree and hold different skills and abilities relevant to their field of study are assessed under this program.
  • This program has four different criteria which are: Federal Skilled Worker Class, Provincial Skilled Worker Class, Provincial Nominee Class, and Canada Experience Class.

Business Immigration

  • Applicants for Quebec immigration who wish to move to Quebec for business or for investing in a business are assessed under investor class and the entrepreneur class.
  • The applicant must have high personal net worth, must be able to control the business and eligible to manage the employees for full-time in government or private departments.
  • The applicant can be a self-employed person involved in the artistic, cultural, athletic or farming life of Canada.

Family Class Sponsorship

  • The permanent residents of Canada who are above 18 years of age and are capable to sponsor their family members or relatives including spouse, same-sex partners or common-law partners, or dependent children outside of Canada and are interested in becoming a permanent resident in Canada are assessed under this class. Under this program, Quebec immigration is possible for the relatives of PR holders or Canadian citizens.

Trade worker immigration

  • The applications of those who desire to become a part of trade job in Canada are processed under the Federal Skills Trade Program.  This program is applicable for Quebec immigration as well and the eligible candidates will get a chance to live in Canada.
  • The applications are processed in a quota-based system which accepts 3000 applicants per year through sub-quotas with 43 qualifications.

Work Visa

  • Canadian employers who wish to employ a foreign national in Canada must obtain the opinion of Canadian labor market from the Human Resources And Skills Development Canada(HRSDC). Quebec immigration is made possible for foreign workers if the employer is given a green signal by the authority.
  • People who have received an employment offer from the Canadian employer are required to get HRSDC approval and should undergo the assessment process.