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Quebec is one of the sought destinations among the individuals who wish to migrate abroad. However, Quebec administers its own rules and regulation for Quebec immigration process. It carries out distinct selection criteria for distinct programs available under the Quebec immigration process.

Quebec immigration Process

  • Foreign nationals who wish to settle down in Quebec under any of the programs offered by the province need to follow the below two steps of Quebec immigration, they are:
  • An applicant under  Quebec immigration must be selected by the Ministère de l’immigration et des communautés culturelles (MICC), Quebec’s immigration authority. Once selected candidates shall receive a Quebec selection certificate (CSQ).
  • Once the candidate has successfully achieved the CSQ, he can then file an application to the Canadian federal immigration authorities for permanent residency.
  • Note that the federal government evaluation is mainly limited to issues of health and criminality.

Eligibility Criteria for Quebec immigration

  • There are several programs under which you can immigrate to Quebec. Each of the program has its own criteria and requirements.For example quebec skilled worker procedure and eligibility criteria is different from that of Quebec experienced class
  • Candidates can apply to any of the programs depending upon their purpose of Quebec immigration.
  • Applicants are assessed based on a range of factors and are awarded points for each of the selection factors/criteria, under a point system.
  • However, an applicant needs to fulfil these criteria and obtain a minimum score to qualify for Quebec immigration.
  • Some of the generic factors, depending on which the candidates are elected are: age, qualification, work experience, number of dependents, language abilities etc.

Types of Programs offered for Quebec immigration

  • Candidates can migrate to Quebec under various programs depending upon their interest and the purpose of visit, provided they fulfil the criteria set for each of them.
  • The major Quebec immigration programs offered are:
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Quebec Business Immigration
  • Quebec Experience Program

Processing time for Quebec immigration

  • On an average processing, an application for Quebec immigration takes about 12 months. However, this period might vary depending upon the choice of program.
  • Processing times may vary according to several factors, some of which are: Volume of applications, international context, conformity of the documents submitted, the time it takes for you to respond to any request by the Ministère, waiting for proof of your French proficiency, a notice of appointment for a selection interview.

Processing fee for Quebec immigration

  • The grid represents the processing fee for various categories for Quebec immigration which has come to effect from the 1st of January 2017.
Quebec Immigration Criteria (For application of CSQ) Amount (in CAD $)
Permanent Immigration
Business (Investor/Entrepreneur/Self-employed) $15,111/$1,053/$1,053
Skilled Worker $779
Each accompanying family member $167
Undertaking application
For the principal sponsored person/first sponsored minor $227
For each person sponsored $111
Temporary immigration  
Temporary worker $194
Foreign student $111

Latest Updates for Quebec immigration

  • As of 30th March 2017, MIDI, the Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness has announced that it will now be accepting a maximum of 5000 applications under skilled worker program (submitted via mon projet) for the intake period in 2017.
  • As of 29th May 2017, Quebec immigration authorities have now started accepting applications for Quebec immigrant Investor program. The application period will end on February 23, 2018.
  • The government of Quebec has announced a new areas of training list on March 10th, 2017, which serves as an important component in the assessment of candidates under Quebec skilled worker program.
  • As of March 8th, 2017, the Quebec immigrant investor program (QIIP) under Quebec immigration has become the only passive business investment program offering permanent immigration to Canada.
  • The Quebec program QIIP is considered as the large-scale passive investor program of its kind in Canada and the second largest in North America after the US EB-5.
  • During the new subscription period, Quebec will accept a maximum of 1900 applicants and a maximum of 1330 from china. Hongkong and Macao and the balance of 570 applications to be filled from the remaining.
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