Quebec Migration Point Assessment

Quebec skilled worker program or QSWP is one of the popular programs for Canadian immigration. Each year more than thousands of immigrants apply through QSWP and that may be the reason it gets capped on the first day of its commencement. If an applicant is interested in applying for the permanent resident visa in Canada through QSWP program, the candidate should examine the points in advance.

Eligibility criteria

  • To apply for the QSWP the candidate should meet the following eligibility criteria.
  • The candidate must have a one-year diploma that matches with the Quebec education system, on a vocational study or secondary school diploma.
  • The applicant should have relevant training and occupational skills which are required to acquire a position in Canadian job market.
  • The candidate should describe the intention of settling and work in Quebec.

Selection process

The candidates of QSWP are selected based on the Quebec point calculation besides, the Quebec immigration authorities examine the applicant profile to select the right profile that matches the Quebec labour market. The criteria which are considered for selecting an applicant are given below.

  • Age of the candidate
  • Education details
  • Language skills in English and French
  • Professional experience
  • Family relationship with Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Quebec
  • Areas of training
  • Characteristics of the spouse or common-law partner accompanied along with the applicant.
  • Financial status
  • Children accompanied
  • Recognized offer letter from Canadian employer

All the above criteria are considered for the point calculation and it will be the final QWSP score for Quebec immigration. The minimum points required for the individual applicant is 49 points based on the mentioned profile features. But, the candidates immigrating along with the spouse or common-law partner should score a minimum of 57 points. The applicant score decides the selection for Quebec immigration.

Points allocated for the profile features

The points calculated for the profile criteria are.

  • Age: equal to 16 points
  • Education: equivalent to 14 points
  • Language skills: 22 points
  • Professional experience: 8 points
  • Stay and Family relationship with Canadian citizen: 8 points
  • Areas of training: 16 points
  • Details of spouse or common-law partner: up to 17 points
  • Financial ability: 1 point
  • Accompanying Children: 8 points
  • Recognized offer letter: 10 points

How the QSWP will work for the candidate

The QSWP is categorized into two steps

  • Obtain the Quebec selection certificate
  • Apply the permanent residence in federal government of Canada

If the candidate receives the Quebec selection certificate, the federal government performs only the medical and security examination on the receipt of permanent resident application.

How to increase the chances of accepting the application

To improve the possibilities of Quebec selection, the applicant can apply in both federal express entry system and Quebec skilled worker selection program. Once applied, the candidate can withdraw either one of the application after getting the invitation from any of the applied programs. The Quebec immigration employees and province can select the candidate profile through express entry as well. The candidate should have a clear understanding of the Canadian or Quebec immigration before expressing the interest in any of the programs or the applicant can apply for the Canadian visa in selected category on receiving the invitation receipt. In the complexity of applying for the QSWP, the candidate can get assistance from recognized immigration consultancy service.