The Quebec CSQ

The Quebec CSQ is a selection certificate issued by the Province of Quebec declaring that the applicant has been selected to live/work/settle in Quebec. With a Quebec CSQ, the applicant can apply for Canadian permanent residence. While Quebec can select immigrants according to its own criteria, it cannot grant applicants a permanent residence visa, the government of Canada determines the PR status of an applicant.

For individuals and families wishing to immigrate to Quebec through an economic program, the first step is to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (Quebec CSQ).

Quebec Immigration Programs

Applicants who want to immigrate to Quebec may apply for a CSQ through one of the following programs:

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Quebec Experience Class
  • Quebec Investor Program
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  • Quebec Self-Employed Person Program

Each program has an eligibility criterion to receive a Quebec CSQ. These requirements are based on factors that may include the individual’s education, work experience, ties in Quebec, financial situation, language proficiency and family.

Once an applicant meets the requirements of the program and receives a CSQ, he/she may then submit a separate application for permanent residence to the Canadian Immigration Authorities. A CIC officer will then assess the application based on Canadian immigration rules and the applicant is required to pass medical, security and criminality checks.

Determining Factors

To qualify for a CSQ, a single applicant must score a minimum of 50 points in the Quebec Immigration selection system and an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score a minimum of 59 points in the Quebec Immigration selection system.

Factors Points
Education Up to 14 points (Cutoff Score = 2 points)
Area of Training Up to 12 points
Validated Employment Offer Up to 10 points
Work Experience Up to 8 points
Age Up to 16 points
Language Proficiency Up to 22 points
Stay and Family In Quebec Up to 8 points
Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics Up to 17 points
Presence of Accompanying Children Up to 8 points
Financial Self-Sufficiency 1 point

Once you complete and submit our free assessment form, a CanApprove representative will contact you to discuss your eligibility.

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