Quebec Skilled Worker's FAQ's

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is for those skilled workers who wish to migrate and settle in the province of Quebec. This program takes in workers who meet skilled requirements and other criteria as mentioned.

The applicant has to open an account online in the Mon Project Quebec Program and submit an application online. On reviewal by the Ministry of Immigration and if approved, the applicant gets a Quebec Selection Certificate only after which the applicant can apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.

Mon Project Quebec is an online system established on the 5th of January 2016 which enables the candidates to submit the applications online. In order for the candidate to submit applications online, he/she must open an account and fill the necessary details in the profile to proceed.

A Quebec Selection Certificate is the preliminary and the prime step for an applicant to migrate to Quebec. The application of the particular individual will be reviewed and on approval, he/she gets a Quebec Selection Certificate. The candidate can then apply for a Canadian PR Visa.

The processing time to obtain a CSQ differs from every applicant. The completion of the process and obtaining a CSQ certificate depends on many factors and the applicant should make sure that he/she is careful when the application is filled and when the documents are attached to avoid delays in the process.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is purely based on a system based on points. The candidate must meet the minimum required points in order to be eligible. A single applicant should procure 50 points while an applicant who includes spouse should obtain a minimum of 59 points. The points are awarded based on work experience, family situation, education etc.,

The applicant need not have to provide any documents during the initial moment of the application submission. When the MIDI is ready to process the candidate’s application, he/she should send the documents mentioned in the personalized documentation checklist which will be provided by the MIDI.

An applicant who is married can either submit his application as a family or as a single applicant. If the applicant wishes to include his/her children then parental permission is definitely required from the non-accompanying spouse.

Quebec has a separate set of immigration policies which no other province follows. The Quebec Selection Certificate is one perfect example of why Quebec immigration is different from immigrating to other provinces. The CSQ is the first step that an applicant has to go through if he/she wants to migrate to Quebec.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is meant only for those who wish to migrate & settle in the province of Quebec. The QSWP will not be considered eligible in any other province except Quebec.  

The applicant need not have bein the Express Entry pool to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate because Quebec’s selection process is not linked to any other selection boards.

The government processing fees are mentioned below:

The principal applicant should pay a fee of CAD $785

Any Spouse included in the application should pay CAD $168

The processing fee for each dependant child will be CAD$ 168

The candidate should understand that he/she is selected based on the points system. If the applicant meets the minimum points criteria, then an applicant can obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate without knowing French.

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