Refund Policy

In the eventuality of the client’s application being rejected, consultant hereby, subject to the conditions stipulated below, willingly consents to refund of fee paid by the client as follows. The amount of refund is proportional to the liability of consultant as well as the client. Each refund clause caters to a specific condition. The client is entitled to refund only against any one clause, if and as applicable.

The refund clauses are as follows:

REFUND 50% fee paid to consultant, if the application is rejected due to inadmissibility as a consequence of changes or amendments to laws, Or If the case is rejected at the interview stage due to unsuitability of the applicant or spouse on any ground other than proficiency in English or French, Criminal inadmissibility, fabricated documents or medical.
First instalment is non-refundable in any circumstances.

The client consciously and willfully understands that in the eventuality of the client deciding not to migrate, for any reason whatsoever, the Client is obliged to make all installment payments and shall not be entitled to any refund of fee paid to the Immigration Services or all any other authority or organization in this regard. The Consultant shall be exonerated of all conditions, obligations and liabilities mentioned in the contract signed.

Changes to Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy

If a material change is made to these policies, we will post this change on our website.