St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

St Lucia is one of the Caribbean Islands situated on the eastern Caribbean Sea and is situated northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. The island is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, its lush dense rainforests and spring seasons that are quite vivacious. St Lucia Citizenship by Investment program allows individuals to be a part of the highly stable St Lucia economy.

What is St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program?

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program came into existence only on the 1st of January allowing applicants to bring in their spouse, children, and parents to apply for citizenship. The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program allows only 500 applications per year.

Eligibilities & Process for St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program: –

In order for the applicant to immigrate to St Lucia through the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program, the applicant should be aged at least 18 years, and be free from criminal records and possess good health. The applicant must make an investment in the available investing options. The processing time for every application may vary depending on how quick and clear information an applicant can give to the government.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program Involves the following steps:
  • The preparation of the application and its pre-approval by CanApprove.
  • The Citizenship application will then be submitted.
  • The application processing by the government will take up to 3 months which includes the due diligence checks.
  • Once the process is over, an approval in principle will be obtained.
  • Then the applicant should invest in any of the available investment options.
  • The Citizenship certificate will then be issued followed by the passport application.
Investment Options Available Through St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program: –

Individuals who are willing to immigrate through Citizenship by Investment Program should make an investment in any one of the following options.

Contribution to the Government: –

The applicant should make a non-refundable investment of $ 100,00 to the St Lucia Government as a contribution to the National Economic Fund aiming to strengthen St Lucia’s economy.

Investment in Real Estate: –

The applicant should make a minimum investment in a government approved real estate property worth US$ 300,000 and is resalable after a period of 5 years under the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Pre-Approved Enterprise Project: –

Investments made in pre-approved projects should able to create at least 3 permanent jobs. The candidate should notice that joint investments are allowed and every individual applicant participating should contribute at least $1 million and the total value of the project should be at least US $6 million creating 6 permanent jobs.

Investment in Non-Interest-Bearing Government Bonds: –

A government bond must be held in the candidate’s name for a period of 5 years which then is followed by the issuance of citizenship to the applicant. A minimum investment of US$ 500,000 should be made by the applicant if he wants to avail this option.

Benefits of Being a St Lucia Citizen: –

A citizen who has immigrated through St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is no different from any other citizen. He/she gets to enjoy the following benefits.

  • He/she can have citizenship for their entire lifetime with the right to live, work & study in St Lucia.
  • The applicant can travel Visa-free to 121 countries & territories.
  • The applicant can avail Dual Citizenship which is legal and allowed in St Lucia.
  • The opportunity to live life in a stable nation which belongs to the Caribbean Community.
Benefits of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program: –

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program offers the following benefits.

  • The applicant can include his/her family members in the application.
  • The applicant can choose and invest in the investment option he wishes to.
  • No restrictions like residency or travel requirements are imposed on the applicant except that he/she must take an Oath of Allegiance before any Saint Lucian Embassy or Consulate.

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