Stay Back in Canada

Study and Immigrate in Canada have become popular among international students. There is a constant growth in the number of international students opting to study and work in Canada. Canadian universities are internationally regarded for their high academic standards and emphasis on research in post-secondary education. Canada is being considered as one of the best study abroad destinations in categories ranging from the best place to live to the best place to study. Universities and Colleges in Canada have numerous programs in different subject fields and students can apply for post study work permit allowing them to stay and work up to 3 years.

Post-Study Work Permit

  • International students graduating from Universities and Colleges in Canada can stay there to take up employment opportunities available.
  • The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program offers you a work permit up to 3 years depending on the course duration.
  • For instance, if a student completes 1-year full-time study program then the student is eligible for 1-year stay back and if the student is completing a 2-year full-time program then a 3 year stay back allowed.
  • A post study work permit gives you permission to stay in Canada as a worker and work full-time for up to three years after you graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution.
  • Students have to apply for their post-study work permit within 90 days after they receive a written notice of successful completion of their course, allowing them to live and work in Canada.
  • A post study work permit is one of the best pathways to gain work experience in Canada which will qualify a graduate to apply for permanent residence in Canada.
  • Students can also work full-time while they wait for a decision on their PGWP application with their valid study visa in Canada.
  • International students with post-graduation work permit remain as temporary residents in Canada. If a graduate needs to stay longer he/she can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.
  • Permanent Residence grants Canadian social benefits and can live, work, or study anywhere in Canada.
  • International students, who have completed their course with a duration of 2 years in a post-secondary institution, and with a work experience of 12 months in the skilled position, are eligible to apply for PR under Canadian Experience Class (CEC) stream of Express Entry System.
  • Apart from CEC stream international students can also apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through Provincial Nominee program. Many provinces now have special immigration programs that enable international students to obtain permanent residence quickly.
  • As per the new regulations, with effect from November 19, 2016, the new point system has been implemented to the international students and graduates in Canada.
  • The new system of points is assigned only if the foreign national has completed his study in Canada with a full-time program at a Canadian educational institution and was physically present in Canada for at least eight months.

The point system introduced for a Canadian educational credential is the following:

a) An international student is eligible for 15 points if he/she has an eligible credential from a one-year or two-year post-secondary program

b) An international student is eligible for 30 points if he/she has either of credential below.

  • An eligible credential from a post-secondary program of three years or more,
  • An eligible credential from a university-level program at the master’s level,
  • An eligible credential from a university-level program at the doctoral level.

Canada believes in retaining the foreign talent in the country itself thereby giving an opportunity to foreign students to enhance their skills in Canada. With all these changes it is clear that Canada government has introduced these much-anticipated changes to boost the prospects of international students and highly skilled workers in Canada.

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