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Parvathy Sudhir

This is Parvathy Sudhir, I’m a MTech holder in Computer Science and Engineering with 6 years of experience in this field and I thought of higher studies in Canada.[/mvc_infobox]

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Jithin Varghese

I am here at St. Lawrence College only because of CanApprove & its team! Thank you for helping me out!

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Meera Reji

Thank you Canapprove for helping me to get admission to Biomedical Engineering Technology course in Centennial College, Canada.

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      Here at CanApprove, we provide free consultation services; so talk to one of our highly qualified consultants to answer all your questions.


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      Our team of skilled instructors and advisors provide step-by-step guidance to students and their families.



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      Our teams of legal experts make the complex process of immigration and obtaining a visa simple, quick and easy!


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      Travelling to at new place can be challenging. At CanApprove, we take care of your pre-travel, travel and post-arrival experience.



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