Visas and Entry requirements

International students are given a warm welcome by UK government and thousands of international students successfully receive student visa to pursue education in United Kingdom. The following is a guideline to the students who wish to study in United Kingdom along with uk student visa requirements.

UK student visa system

  • A facile point based system is followed for student visa
  • You must fulfill and achieve series of criteria to claim enough points for a study visa.
  • you are supposed to apply for a student visa is a ‘Tier 4 student visa’
  • you can live and study in the UK for the duration of your Master’s degree under this visa
  • you must claim a minimum of 40 points to qualify for ‘Tier 4 student visa’ (30 points for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and 10 points for 10 points for demonstrating you have the required funds to support yourself in the UK.

Who needs a visa to study in UK?

  • Students from the European Union and European Economic Area can study in Britain without a Visa.
  • All Other international students are required to apply for a Visa
  • To sponsor a visa to you your institution must have Tier 4 Sponsor status.
  • You are allowed for multiple entries into the country under this visa category.

Students visas can be sponsored by?

  • for a master’s degree, you must be ‘sponsored’ by a recognized higher educational institution
  • provider Universities must issue students with Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) and confirm their sponsorship.
  • University must confirm that you will be studying a genuine postgraduate course and follow immigration rules.
  • these kinds of universities hold Tier 4 Sponsor status.
  • public universities in the UK have Tier 4 Sponsor status, as do some private providers.
  • view a complete register of Tier 4 Sponsors on the UK government website.

How do I apply for a Visa for UK master’s degree?

Follow below points while applying for UK student visa (the uk tier 4 visa checklist)

  • first be accepted to an eligible Masters course and get a CAS by your university.
  • apply to your desired university as a normal candidate to receive CAS,
  • once you have the unconditional offer to study at your chosen university you can request for a CAS statement from them.
  • you must submit official confirmation of your academic qualifications, including transcripts of course content and degree results to receive CAS statement.
  • Apply for tier 4 visa once your CAS statement is ready
  • tier 4 uk student visa fee £328 which is non-refundable.
  • apply for a visa, three months before your Masters begins.

What are uk student visa financial requirements?

  • be self-sufficient and prove that you can independently support yourself during your Masters.
  • do not rely on public funds and benefits.
  • work part time as an international postgraduate student for support, but do not rely completely on these.
  • possess sufficient funding for your stay in UK for studies.
  • students must at least possess £1,265 per calendar month. This is a total of £11,385 over nine months.
  • Students anywhere else in the UK must have access to at least £1,015 per calendar month. This is a total of £9,135 over nine months.

Duration of stay in UK?

  • You are entitled to live in UK for the duration of your Master’s degree and 4 months after your course completion
  • use this extra time to look for work or apply for further study.

Am I able to work whilst in UK?

  • Yes, you can work while pursuing your Master’s in UK.
  • Do not rely entirely on this income to support your entire study duration.
  • Possess sufficient fund before arriving for your course
  • Some restrictions imposed while working part time include:
  • work up to 20 hours per week part-time during term time.
  • work full-time during academic holidays.
  • cannot work in fields: professional sports and entertainment.

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