Universities in UK

Understand UK universities

  • The United Kingdom, the most cosmopolitan country which offers students a broad range internationally recognized Universities and study programs. They possess best research facilities in the world which prepare students for their future career ahead.
  • Students are given the opportunity to explore the world-renowned Universities spread across the Isles in Britain namely England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. British universities offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various fields like Engineering, Business, Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Language, Social sciences, Computer Science, Sports Science, Law studies, Media and mass Communication, Fashion studies etc.
  • British education system offers students, freedom to explore innovative ideas, develop creativity and encourage students to conduct research individually.

Options available


  • rich history of quality higher education
  • considered to have some of the best teaching education programs in the world.
  • home to universities ranked among the top 10 institutions globally which include University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, and more.
  • Universities offer Bachelors a 3 years study program and Bachelor Honors degree a 4 years program
  • offer thousands of excellent courses and grant degrees that are recognized around the world by employers.
  • Degrees offered in various subjects like Computer Science, Business, Engineering, Sciences, Social sciences, Arts, language etc.
  • Some of the popular Universities in England are University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Warwick, University of Manchester, University college London, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Hertfordshire, Aston University, University of Sheffield Hallam, University of Birmingham, De Montfort University, BPP University, University of Bradford, University of Brighton, University of Bristol, Durham University.


  • Houses 8 universities and 15 further education colleges and institutions.
  • student population in Wales is large and diverse.
  • Welsh Universities offer international scholarship schemes which helps the student to fund their studies. known for their world-class teaching and facilities and are among top 10 Universities in the UK. Aberystwyth University has been voted best university town in Britain for best student experience in the UK.
  • some of the popular Universities in England Aberystwyth University, Bangor University Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Glyndwr University, Swansea University, University of South Wales


  • Home to around 19 education institutions and world-famous universities such as the University of Edinburgh and the University of St Andrews.
  • Scottish Universities are known for research and excellence and has led inventions and innovations.
  • variety of scholarship programs and funding options available to international students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Fellowship Plan and Saltire Scholarships are popularly known scholarship programs for India students.
  • Each year over 30,000 international students attend Scottish universities.
  • Some popular highly ranked universities are: University of Edinburgh, University of Dundee, University of Glasgow, University of Aberdeen, University of St Andrews, Robert Gordon University.

Northern Ireland

  • Has a world-renowned tradition of excellence in education
  • Houses two university colleges, universities, six further education colleges and an agricultural college
  • Courses offered in the field of art and Design, Food, and Hospitality, Built Environment and Construction, Media & Communication, Sport, Travel and Tourism, etc.
  • Is home to Queen’s University Belfast, the ninth oldest university in the UK and Ulster University.
  • Ulster University is considered as one of the top 25% of UK universities for world-leading research.

Some financially feasible Universities

Apart from the above the below are the list of cheap universities in uk for international students are:

Staffordshire University, Teesside University, Leeds Trinity University, University of Cumbria, Buckinghamshire New University, Coventry University, York St John University, University College Birmingham

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