Universities in UK

The United Kingdom, apart from its never-ending list of specialties like irresistible food cuisines, breathtaking places, the diverse culture to embrace, has a number of renowned universities in UK proving it to be the right place for students who wish to study abroad.

UK is one of the places where students get the opportunity to have a quality education. Universities in UK offer several study programs that are recognized internationally. Universities in UK also offer research facilities for students which helps the students become exposed to different kinds of situations and bring within them the capability of handling & solving issues.

Universities in UK are spread all over the place. Countries like England, Scotland, Ireland, British and Wales, offer a wide range of postgraduate degrees in all kinds of fields which includes Business, Agriculture, Engineering, Law, Media and Mass Communication etc., British Education System offers students the opportunity to explore and come up with innovative ideas, thus increasing creativity in every single student. Below listed are the specialties of universities in UK country wise.

England: –

  • The country has some of the top universities in UK.
  • Universities in England offer a high quality of education to its students.
  • Universities in England are known to have some of the best teaching programs in the world.
  • The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester are all some of the universities in UK that have ranked among the top 10 institutions globally.
  • Students can choose from the thousands of courses that are offered by the universities and obtain a degree that is recognized all over the world by companies.
  • Some of the popular universities in England are the University of Cambridge, University of Sheffield Hallam, University of Birmingham, BPP University, University of Bradford, Aston University & more.,

Wales: –

  • Wales has within it 8 universities and 15 further education colleges & institutions.
  • The population of students in Wales is quite large & diverse.
  • International Scholarship Schemes are offered by the Welsh Government which helps students to balance their studies & the cost of living.
  • Welsh universities in UK are known for their world-class teaching & facilities and are among the top 10 universities in UK.
  • Some of the best universities in Wales are Aberystwyth University (best university for student experience in the UK), Bangor University, Cardiff University, Glyndwr University, Swansea University, University of South Wales etc.,

 Scotland: –

  • Scotland has within it a total of 19 educational institutions and universities that are famous in the world like the University of Edinburgh and the University of St. Andrews.
  • Scottish Universities in UK are known for its excellent research which has led to a lot of innovations & inventions.
  • Scholarship Programs and funding options are available for both undergraduate & postgraduate programs for students who wish to pursue abroad.
  • Every single year, an approximate of 30,000 international students pursue studies in Scottish Universities.
  • Some well-known universities of Scotland are University of Edinburgh, University of Dundee, University of Glasgow, University of St Andrews Robert Gordon University, University of Aberdeen etc.,

Northern Ireland: –

  • Universities of Northern Ireland are well-known for its excellence in education.
  • Ireland is the home of two university colleges, six further education colleges, and an agricultural college.
  • Courses offered in Ireland Universities are Design, Food & Hospitality, Built Environment & Construction, Media & Communication, Sport, Travel etc.,
  • The ninth oldest university in UK, the Queen’s University is in Ireland.
  • Ulster University is considered as one of the top 25% of the universities for world-leading research.

Financially Viable Universities in UK: –

UK also has other financially feasible universities which impose a lesser financial burden on students who aspire to study in UK. Some of the universities are Staffordshire University, Teesside University, Leeds Trinity University, University of Cumbria, Coventry University, York St John University, University College Birmingham etc.,

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