Why Study in UK

Quality education and a world-class environment for your studies is what every student looks forward to when it comes to studying abroad. UK is one such place where you can attain a world-class education. British education means an excellent higher education system, a rich and sophisticated experience for international students along with worldwide recognizable degree.

The following are some assets a student can possess if he/she opt to study in uk universities.

Quality Education

  • Students beloved destination
  • ranked as the sixth best educational system in the developed world.
  • provides challenging environment to study and builds a firm foundation for a successful future
  • chances of impressing a potential employer, and higher salary prospects
  • Worldwide recognizable postgraduate programs in uk, master’s programs in uk, MBA and PhD qualifications
  • students emerge with exceptional problem-solving skills with high analytical abilities

No GRE Required to study in uk

  • Studying in UK does not require the Graduate Record Examination score for admission.
  • All you need for your application is your GPA, reference letters, and a personal statement – it’s that simple!

Cheaper Tuition Fee in UK

  • tuition fees are less expensive in the UK than in the US.
  • Avail an option of completing your degree in 3 years
  • cut down tuition fees as well as living cost for one more year with study in UK
  • various british scholarships for international students are provided.
  • higher education depends on a range of factors some which include location of institution, course of study, etc. course of study, etc.

Living Costs

  • Living cost in UK includes accommodation, food & grocery shopping, study material, clothes, transport, and entertainment & miscellaneous living expenses.
  • Living costs of an undergraduate student varies between 8-9 lakhs for a 40-week long study
  • Living costs of a post graduate student it differs and is in between 10-11 lakhs for one year of study.
  • As living is costlier in UK, it’s better to opt for part time job in your free time.

Worldwide Recognizable Degrees

  • UK degrees holds a worldwide value
  • Popular masters study in uk
  • hold the capacity to impress the potential US employers.
  • American employers are generally impressed with an applicant who hold UK degree.
  • British degrees which are of variety, affordable, of highest quality give compact ability and respectability.

Attain Language Proficiency

  • English language is recognized worldwide and gaining expertise in it is imperative.
  • a perfect place to sharpen English language skills.
  • Availability of various courses for English language for different age groups.
  • Experience innovative ways of language teachings.

Develop your Creativity!

  • world class and sophisticated education
  • develop your skillset in a creative way
  • freedom to be creative while you study in uk
  • encourages research activities

Experience a Diverse Culture

  • experience a valuable cultural diversity.
  • a standing testimony to its multicultural existence
  • explore natural beauty, unique culture, exposure to city lifestyle, countryside atmosphere etc.
  • get to enjoy and participate in various festivals and events throughout the year.

Join A Friendly Community

  • International students are warmly welcomed by the natives
  • Societies organize parties, conduct events, to plan activities and outings etc.
  • give advice to personal problems and assists you to find a support system

Have Fun!

  • Best place to fulfill your passion of sports.
  • option of joining in sport societies and practice yoga, football, rugby etc. on regular basis.
  • adventure lover has hundreds of outdoor activities to try such as hiking, surfing, horse riding, diving, climbing etc.
  • find hundreds of live music events every day from pop, rock, metal, jazz to classical folk.
  • plan a visit across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and get to know about history of these specific places.

CanApprove assists you and guides you completely to fulfill your aspiration to pursue higher education in UK. Don’t hesitate to approach us!