A few things to know! Opportunities in Canada after undergoing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery!

Canada provides the best ever education not only for the native students but also for international students. The education system in Canada is more peculiar and world-class. It provides education at a more affordable cost in terms of tuition fees and living.

The education is provided in different domains in which Canada is veteranized. Surgical and dental is not exceptional. There is great purview for surgeons and dentists. Universities in Canada are some of the oldest and greatest in the world. They are acting for more than 50 years and has been doing great work to the student community.

There are more opportunities and programs for a Bachelor of Dental Surgery to pursue after their course. If you are a person looking to further your qualification or work after your Bachelors,

here you go with the blog. This is for you!

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

BDS is the most significant undergraduate degree for those, being passionate about dentistry, which deals with the practice of surgeries concerned with mouth, teeth, gums and jaws. Bachelor of Dental Surgery makes the practitioner a dentist, once when he/she completes the course successfully.

The course is also referred to as Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in foreign countries. BDS comprises of 4 years of studies and one year of internship. The candidate handles the patients and acquires knowledge in the aspects of dentistry by assisting a dental surgeon in a clinic or a hospital.

Are you a Bachelor of Dental Surgery? Fine continue…

What after BDS?

Have you been studying BDS in India?

That is the foundation course which you laid to develop your career.

What next?

Need to enhance your profession by adding capstone to your foundation. Canada is providing lots of opportunities and programs for those who completed BDS.

In Canada, dentistry is a regulated and superlative profession. There are more possibilities for foreigners to get settled there with the help of the work they do. Like every profession, dentistry has its own prominence there in Canada, with more job opportunities and high income.

A person with a BDS from India can work as,

  • Associate dentist
  • Dental assistant
  • Volunteer
  • Dental service director
  • General practitioner
  • Research assistant

There are more non-clinical jobs for the candidates with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, which is happily remunerative.

For those who are willing to study further after BDS, there are more programs offered. If a person completed BDS and wants to become a dentist in Canada, he/she needs to get through the qualifying exams which satisfies the Canadian requirement of competencies to begin the career.

Students need to qualify the exams conducted by NDEB, The National Dental Examining Board of Canada. If the candidate gets through the exam, then he/she can practice as a dental surgeon or can study further.

Also, the candidate after the course must be qualified or certified by the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC), which is a degree-granting organisation for the dentists in Canada.

Benefits and Scope for BDS in Canada

  • Affordable education – cost optimized
  • Benefited with long term advantage
  • Live in a multicultural society
  • Internationally recognised (if a degree is obtained in Canada)
  • World-class education and living

Whether it be a higher study or a job, Canada provides numerous opportunities for both. People willing to study after BDS or work with that qualification, both are equally benefited by their own unique prominence. So, it’s the decision that matters. Waiting to make it? Continue…

Registration & Further

As explained above, there are enormous possibilities after doing a BDS, to make your life more prosperous. Canada is constantly providing its prominence to education by offering different levels of programs and provide more chances of employability to the people. Be the beneficiary. Need more info about it? CanApprove is right here.

We are an organisation providing immigration and education services successfully for more than 20 years, since 1998. Our team of experts assist you and help you in making better plans. Connect with us to know more about BDS courses and jobs in Canada.


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