How to migrate to Quebec?

  • People want to migrate to Quebec for distinct reasons. Some want to be a permanent employee or start a new business or join in the reputed foreign universities. Their interests vary when it comes to Quebec immigration and so does the procedure for it.
  • The province of Quebec offers numerous opportunities to the inhabitants and immigrants. People who have undertaken their graduation in the province of Quebec can settle down in the same province by seeking an apt employment program for permanent immigration.

How to apply for Quebec immigration

  • An aspiring candidate can migrate to Quebec in numerous ways. However, the most prominent one is the skilled worker program. To apply as a skilled worker in Quebec, you must follow he below:
  • First apply to the Quebec Government for a Quebec selection certificate (CSQ), then
  • apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to become a permanent resident of Canada.
  • The selection of a candidate under the skilled worker program is based on a point system, under which the applicants are allotted points based on education, occupation, language skills, and age; if the person has children, the points may vary accordingly.
  • The applicants are then ranked among the entry pool of applicants and then invited for visa application procedures.
  • Once must understand the visa and application procedures of Quebec immigration thoroughly before applying for any kind of visas.

Why is Quebec the best place to migrate?

  • Quebec offers its immigrants with a wide range of employment opportunities and offers a hassle-free immigration process. Each year the province selects thousands of immigrants based on their skills and abilities.
  • Quebec is known for its rich natural vegetation along with a safe and secure environment. However, gaining knowledge on the Quebec culture, society and laws are important to lead a serene life in Quebec.
  • The province is a collection of 17 regions, each of them peculiar in its on ways. Each of the regions offer different opportunities to the immigrants whether it be cost of living or employment opportunities. However, you must evaluate the expenses and other requirements before migrating to any of the regions in Quebec.

How are applicants processed for Quebec Immigration?

  • You need to first get a Quebec certificate of selection. The mon project Mon project Québec account allows the user to complete the application online for a Quebec selection certificate, to make payment online, to check the status of the application, make changes to the application, if necessary etc.
  • After you have been selected get the application package which is inclusive of form you need to fill out and a guide to fill out form correctly.
  • Fill out, print and sign the forms correctly and make sure to provide genuine information because there will be dire consequences if you misrepresent yourself or hold back information.
  • Pay your application processing fees. You must pay fees separately for each family member included in your application. You may also need to pay for medical examination and a police certificate.

Other Essential Information

  • The cap-exempt applicants with employment offer validated by the department of immigration diversity Inclusion along with temporary residents of Quebec and people who are eligible to submit the application through Quebec selection certificate can submit their application at any time when required.