Australia Skilled Immigration Program & Australia Immigration Points System – Overview

  • The candidates for Australia Immigration under the Australia Skilled Immigration visas must qualify certain criteria which are determined by the Australia Immigration Points System.
  • One must score the required minimum of 60 points to achieve visa under the General skilled migration program.
  • The point system awards you score based on criteria ranging from age to work experience. Below are the detailed breakdown of points allotment and the requirements of each criteria.

Australia Immigration: Requirements for Australia Skilled Immigration Program

Nominated Occupation

  • To be able to apply for Australia immigration under general skilled migration system, applicants must nominate an occupation from the skilled occupation list.
  • There are certain visa subclasses and points an Australia immigration applicant must score which are as follows:
  • Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) – 60 points
  • Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 190) – 60 points
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (subclass 491) – 60 points


  • Applicants for Australia immigration can score points according to the age group they fall in, with those aged between 25 and 32 gaining the most points. However, an applicant over 45 years gains no points under the Australia Immigration Points System.
18-24 25 points
25-32 30 points
33-39 25 points
40-44 15 points
45-49 0 points

English Language Requirements

  • All Skill Select applicants for Australia immigration must take up IELTS to claim points for Superior or Proficient English language skills.
  • Those who are native English speakers or who have been awarded a tertiary degree from a university equivalent to Australian university standards are not required to take up the IELTS.
Superior (IELTS 8 or more) 20 points
Proficient (IELTS 7 or more) 10 points
Competent (IELTS 6 or more) 0 points
Work Experience
  • Candidates for Australia immigration can claim points under the Australia Immigration Points System for their work experience in a skilled occupation, provided the experience must be in an occupation included in the Skilled occupation list provided by the Government of Australia.
  • Separate points are awarded for work experience gained in Australia and elsewhere
1 year 5 points
3 years 10 points
5 years 15 points
8 years 20 points

Skilled employment points distribution for within Australia

3 years 5 points
5 years 10 points
8 years 15 points

Skilled employment points distribution for Outside Australia

Educational Qualifications

  • Applicants for Australia immigration are offered points for their educational qualifications. However, points are awarded only for the candidate’s highest qualification only.
  • To claim the points for Australia immigration under this category, you must hold a degree which is recognized by the Australian government and are comparable to Australian qualification. Also, the degree you hold must be related to applicants’ nominated occupation.
  • Applicants who have an Australian qualification from an Australian educational institution are awarded 5 points for their qualification.
Doctorate 20 points
Bachelor’s or Master’s 15 points
Australian Diploma or Trade qualification 10 points
Award or qualification recognized by assessing authority 10 points

Additional Points

  • Additional points are awarded for various other categories. They are as follows:
  • Regional Study- 5 points if applicants meet the 2-year study requirement while studying and living in Australia.
  • Community Language skills- 5 points are awarded to the applicants if they have language skills as of a translator interpreter one of Australian community languages.
  • Spouse/Partner skills and qualification- 5 points are awarded for the spouse’s skills and qualification who is included in the visa application, provided he/she is not an Australian resident/citizen of Australia.
  • Professional Degree- 5 points are awarded to the Australia immigration applicants if they have completed a 4-year professional degree course in Australia, provided it is approved by the Australian Government
  • Nomination and sponsorship (Subclass 190 and Subclass 491 only)- Applicants under this visa sub classes can be awarded up to 10 points under the Australia Immigration Points System

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