Benefits of Quebec Migration

  • Are you keen on migrating to Canada? Then Quebec might be the best choice. Though a French dominated central province of Canada, the language stands no barrier for you to migrate to Quebec.
  • The province of Quebec caters to its immigrants with not just a strong economy and natural beauty but also with a variety of immigration programs which are in favor of the immigrants.
  • Once an immigrant has successfully met the immigration criteria (which differs from the rest of the country), the province offers a high standard of living.
  • The applicants are not restricted by age, however applicants of age group 20-35 and those having knowledge of French and English languages are given preference.

Why settle in Quebec?

  • Easy access to public infrastructure and transportation.
  • Subsidized rates for health facilities, insurance coverage and education.
  • With vibrant society and multi-cultural ambience, the province is an apt choice to raise a family
  • Offers a world class educational system with preferential fees for the permanent residents at any reputed universities.
  • Quebec offers efficient private and public health care systems and provides Canadian passport for the international travel.
  • It provides a safe, secure and serene environment for its inhabitants.
  • The province caters to an efficient social security to its citizens and offers financial aid to the poor.
  • The immigration procedures are swift and multiple opportunities are provided for the same.
  • The province contributes to the administration programs for business and technological development.
  • Quebec offers wide range of employment opportunities to the immigrants and helps them develop professionally and personally.

Migrate to Quebec for Educational and Employment benefits

  • Quebec is one of the sought destinations among the aspirant immigrants, who wish to migrate to Quebec for employment opportunities.
  • The employers of Quebec province offer their employees with benefits such as insurance policy, maternity leave, family holidays which in turn allows the employees to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.
  • Immigrants who wish to migrate to Quebec for employment purposes can apply under the following programs:
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Quebec Investor Program
  • Quebec Experiences Class Program
  • The applicants are processed as per their ability and skills thereby increasing economic scenario in the province.
  • The applicants who have a sound knowledge of French language are given more preference while applying for Quebec visa.
  • The educational degrees offered by Quebec are recognized and hold worldwide value.
  • Preference is given to those who are proficient in both French and English language.
  • One must own a technical degree along with work experience in the field of study
  • The applicant should be eligible to pay all the expenses in the first three months of stay in Quebec.
  • If the applicants fulfill the above criteria then they can make the most out of what the province has to offer which includes a quality life in the developed province, enriched personal, professional development and a safe and secure environment.

Other Information

  • Usually the quebec immigration processing time on an average takes about 12 months.
  • Language requirements are a key factor while migrating to Quebec  and the ielts score for quebec immigration plays a vital role for the same.
  • Individuals who wish to migrate to Quebec as skilled worker program must make sure to check the quebec skilled worker list of occupations and choose one among them. However they are assessed based on quebec skilled worker program points calculator for qualifying for the same.
  • As per the quebec immigration news update 2017 the quebec immigration new rules 2017 states that the maximum number of applications for a CSQ  that can be received by the Ministère will be in effect from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, inclusively. These new rules pertain to applications such as permanent workers and business people.