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Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP)

The development of a state or a province solely depends on the people residing there. A country which has abundant skilled workers would grow strong, making life comfortable for every individual there. Canada is a country which embraces skills from all over the world through Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP ). Most provinces & territories in Canada have an agreement with the Government that allows them to nominate immigrants (individuals & families) based on its immigration needs and the applicant’s intention. Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP) enables Provincial and Territorial governments in Canada to attract immigrants to their region.

Provinces & Territories Participating in Canada Provincial Nominee Program. (Canada PNP)


Alberta, also known as ‘The Wild Rose Country’ is situated in Western Canada and is famous for its fresh air, open spaces & forests. Living in Alberta helps you experience a high standard of living, excellent health care system and you get to be a part of a steady & a strong economy.


Manitoba is situated between Ontario & Saskatchewan and is known as often referred to as ‘The Keystone Province’. Being in Manitoba helps you find jobs, start a business and do more.

3.Newfoundland and Labrador: 

Newfoundland & Labrador is a split province and is considered as one of the best places to live on earth because of its beautiful scenery, history & culture and low crime rate.


“The Bread Basked of Canada” is one of the Western provinces of Canada. It got its name because Saskatchewan is the highest producer of wheat in Canada. A diverse economy, a good quality of life would make this a perfect place to live.

5.British Columbia: 

British Columbia is known for its impeccable scenery and breathtaking outdoor adventures. It is situated on the west coast between the Pacific and the mountains and is called as ‘The Pacific Province’.

6.Nova Scotia: 

Situated on the east coast of Canada, migrating to Nova Scotia could offer you a life embedded with technology and the opportunity to lead a balanced life.

7.Prince Edward Island: 

The smallest province of the east has abundant job opportunities in the fields such as Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and more. PEI is known for its low cost of living and an excellent schooling system.


The northwest corner of Canada has Yukon, a place which could offer great opportunities to live & work. Yukon’s population is noticeable and has increased 5% from the year 2011 through Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP).

9.Northwest Territories: 

Northwest Territories is known better by the name ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun’. Northwest Territories are known for its noticeable government services & opportunities to do business and work.

Steps You Should Follow to Immigrate Through Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP): 

  1. Apply and complete the provincial nomination process of the Province or Territory you wish to settle in.
    2. Each province and territory has its own immigration program with varying requirements.
    3. If you want to immigrate to Quebec, you should know that Quebec has a different system from Canada altogether.
    4. You should be able to demonstrate the skillset and ability to contribute to the economy of the province/territory you are applying to.
    5. Receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate from the province/territory.

What Should You Do After Receiving the Provincial Nomination Certificate?

  1. Send an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for Permanent Residence.
  2. Your application will be assessed by a CIC officer based on the Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP) Immigration requirements.

As an applicant, you must:

  1. Complete and pass a medical examination.
    2. Have a security clearance.
    3. Demonstrate sufficient funds to support yourself after arriving in Canada.

Each province has its own program stream to identify applicants who have the ability and skills to contribute to the growth & prosperity and help them immigrate through the Canada Provincial Nominee Program (Canada PNP).

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